Optionally round purchases x pennies to be donated to Environmental Sustainability Projects?

I’d like to know if anyone would back an optional feature that would enable purchases made via monzo to be rounded a certain number of pennies which are then donated to support charitable causes, in particular towards environmental sustainability (e.g. planting trees). In a would where our carbon footprints are soaring I would certainly utilise this feature to offset my own carbon footprint.

Charity Pots are in the works. Could possibly expand the destinations to include more environmental charities.


I think that for 99% of people, reducing their carbon footprint would be much more effective.

Having programmes to offset carbon footprints, may simply encourage people to carry on with their long haul holidays in the knowledge that some trees will be planted.

It would be good if you could see the CO2 cost of your Monzo account and then to choose to offset your emissions by donating a certain amount to environmental sustainability projects.