Online Shopping -Mark a transaction as Delivered/Not Delivered

I think you are right about the typos thing, it makes it much easier to see the # tags you want to see together.

I think it’s probably because (at least from me) the chances of this idea making into the app is so so so tiny.

Not saying it’s a bad idea, it’s not at all. In fact it’s something I’d quite like as I order things for other people and then there’s the scenario of, have they received it yet? but them not asking about it as they think it’ll be there soon, I don’t hear anything so I presume they’ve got it, they haven’t got it yet etc etc.

They can only do so much and the things they do, are likely to be things that are more requested/revenue generating.


The thing is, my ‘workaround’ works no matter what card or payment method I use. It would just be easier to clear out you inbox instead of asking a bank to build a niche feature for you. You are not unique in getting lots of emails.

I think some of this is the perspective people have on life in general.

For me personally, I’d love for Monzo to build this and so many other things, but why would I wait around for their business priorities to finally put this high enough on the list to be built when I can just build a robust solution myself using the tools currently available to me - and also help people along the way by using the Community Forum to share what I’ve made.

This is not just limited to Monzo, if I want something, then I’ll go out and create a solution that works. If a company comes along and does it better, great my life is made easier. But life is too short to wait around.

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I agree that the chances of implementation are tiny, and I have a system that currently works for me (including the Shop app which is fabulous) but the Feedback/Ideas channel should still include some weird and wacky things just in case they happen :blush:


I think it’s a good idea but better suited to an email application. This has the potential to auto-detect emails related to deliveries, and therefore automatically create an ‘awaiting delivery’ list for you to monitor and check off.

I doubt Monzo would be able to reliably auto-detect transactions related to deliveries (not all transactions with online retailers are related to physical goods) so would rely on you manually flagging transactions. I think most people wouldn’t bother, and for those who would the general purpose tagging system feels close enough.


This is literally a forum for suggesting ideas you would like. Most of those ideas are probably going to be niche at this point as all of the “popular” ones have already been suggested. You’re coming across as very confrontational which seems unfair to OP.


It is a forum for ideas, but I could counter that by saying lots of people, not just myself, have offered solutions to the problem the OP is having which in my opinion are better solutions than a bank building a feature which will only work with that banks card.

Just to note, I didn’t ask for alternative solutions and didn’t intend this thread to have that focus. I deliberately popped it in the ideas/feedback channel as that is meant for suggesting things that Monzo could do. I have acknowledged it might be a niche suggestion and it might not attract any votes and that’s ok :blush:

If I needed advice on managing deliveries I might have popped it in another channel :blush:

Probably should have emailed Monzo directly if you were not interested in discussions taking place :+1:

I’m totally interested in discussions and I learnt about some new Monzo functionality from this thread.

But your comment came across as a little adversarial so I was just trying to explain my intentions. I hope you have a lovely day :blush:

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Agreed. Although I use the Shop app, which scans e-mails for orders and delivery notifications. Very useful.

Yup I use that too. Got it linked to my email and Amazon :blush: