Offline Monzo Banking? (what to do in case of emergency)


No more confusing than a 30 day revolving period with £200 sterling equivalent of your foreign currency withdrawal free followed by 3% on the amount in excess of the aforementioned allowance


I think it is, since it requires me to know how much I have spent the previous month…

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Yep. That.


I find this utterly fascinating, as it shows how differently people use banking products. It would never occur to me to walk into branch, or call my bank in such situations. I would simply use me credit card :slight_smile:

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You really have a hard time accepting that a greater number of people found that to be a preferable option than your choice of fee structure, don’t you?

You are losing out by cancelling the top up option!

I am not discussing the fact that they are charging me more than they said it is costing them* I was pointing out the revolving period was confusing, so don’t try and take the thread off topic!

My point was in direct reply to another post about how confusing a financial product was, and pointed out how confusing this was in comparison. It was concentrating on the rolling charge period not the cost.

Basing it on a straight forward calendar month would be simple, but the rolling 30 day period is as clear as mud. You are never sure when it starts, ends or resets.

*they said it cost them 1% for European withdrawals and 2% in Rest Of World so they are overcharging at a 3% rate to subsidize users who only withdraw £200.

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