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This is a kludge as far as I’m concerned – Microsoft trying to sort of overlay tables on tables. But it’s comparatively cumbersome and much more prone to errors. And it offers none of the layout flexibility needed to put together and maintain complex spreadsheets with multiple tables, text boxes, and charts. Even the basics are bad: resizing the column width for one ‘table’ changes that of another, adding a row to a table can mess up things on the right or left if you’re not careful, etc.

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Thanks @jzw95l I agree completely re Excel. I enjoyed my brief foray into Macworld but things like this and the problems sending files/attachments to none Mac folk was starting to irk. R-

Google Sheets definitely has its own nifty features (besides the best in class live collaboration).

Importrange and the Query function is incredibly powerful (I think Excel now has something similar but I’ve just never found working across .XLS files to be as consistently reliable).

Connected Sheets to analyse tables stored in data warehouses is amazing and I’ve also found Google Apps Script to be more powerful than Excel Macros, given Sheets connected nature.

The Data Connectors for third party tools like Jira make working with external data sources seamless.

The new Timeline View also makes Excel style Project Mangement much nicer. Yes no one should be managing projects in Excel, and yet….

It’s definitely clunkier to use due to living in a browser, and the sheet size limits frequently do my head in. But it’s definitely not to be sniffed at in terms of real power user features.

I know I come across as fanboy, but having used Excel for 20+ years I’ve been consistently surprised by how impressive Sheets is. Perhaps Excel is more connected these days in terms of the data it can use and has caught up?

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Excel certainly does all I need from it, especially now retired. I have little use for the gizmos these days, so I feel I’m in a good place. R-

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So looks like AI is coming to the Google Suite and to Office 365.

Anyone got their hands on them yet? :eyes::robot:

Someone shared this tweet with me on this subject…

Happy Maruary!


Can’t believe we’re over halfway through Maruary already.

Ooh I like the sound of this!


What would be amazing if there was an easy data connector to bring live Monzo data to Sheets via the API.

I imagine this would be useful for personal users (or just Revels) but particularly for business customers.