Oauth token server side

Hi, I realise that the standard flow is to obtain the access token via client side redirection, authentication, and response token… which a.n.other app can use to present the users identity.

However, I’m just wanting to access my own account, within a server side application I’m developing.

Most of the API’s I’m using permit service style accounts, with api key’s and secrets etc.

Is anyone aware of a means to do this entirely server side?

I’ve done some searches and passport.js oauth strategy comes up.

Any ideas?

Kind regards,


Just follow the same flow but with the server making the calls, some pointers here Refreshing token?

Sorry, excuse my dumb head (its late).

I’ve used the playground to obtain and access_token which I can re-use with some node code.

I’m assuming this will expire and I see the subsequent request I should make to refresh, but the POST request data require client_secret and refresh_token, which i do not have.

I really don’t want any client side, I’d prefer just to use the initial access token granted via the Monzo authorization procedure - but I guess this isn’t possible?

I’ve checked the page session, no sign of the secret or refresh token.