"O2 Priority" for Monzo customers

(Tristan Thomas) #1

Just spitballing ideas here: Would people like an O2 Priority style area where we can show deals available to Monzo customers that you can sign up for and claim? :money_with_wings: Maybe 2-for-1 cinema tickets or money off an attraction…


how about a poll?

  • Yes
  • No

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(Alex Sherwood) #3

I’d be interested to hear people’s reasoning for “No’s” (& Yeses, if it’s not obvious) - if they’re going to vote in the poll :bulb:

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #4

as long as it wasn’t London centric, which I suspect it would be and therefore alienate those of us not lucky enough to live in the metropolis :slight_smile: my vote would be a yes …or no if it was purely for London based offers as it would turn in to a similar iPhone v Android updates “discussion”

(Chris Lavender) #6

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this precisely the kind of gimmick Monzo have spoken out against in the past?

These perks all comes at a cost, and the deals are usually just eye candy/bait. “Buy 2 get 1 free”…when you only needed 1 in the first place, but you just spent twice as much!

(Adam Hockley) #7

Yes please:-) would love the idea

(Richard Bairwell) #9

Voted no on the basis that the cost of the promotions need to come from somewhere (either Monzo losing money subsidising them or the merchant pushing up prices for everyone else) and the “man power” Monzo would need to invest in arranging all these for not much benefit (if the “priority scheme” is the only thing people are attracted to Monzo for, then something has gone wrong - whereas with Mobile phone networks, there isn’t too much difference between them nowadays so they’ve got to try schemes like that).


Not sure if it would actually cost Monzo anything as the offers are generally promoted by the vendors for free in order to get more custom. Or at least that’s how I always imagined it would work.

Having said that I’ve still voted No as, being and O2 customer, I’ve never seen anything on there that is of any relevance to me and it is very London/City living and working centric.

Edit: And why have I lost my title but kept my swoosh? :pensive:


I hear this! It would be great if monzo could uphold their values (honesty/transparency) while sharing offers. Like rather than the ‘free year and free tv when you sign over your soul to sky’ rope a dope deals which you can find anywhere. it would be good if there were local targeted offers like 50% off independent restaurants (like taste card) or Save 1% whenever you shop at Morrisons, with no strings attached.

Basically offers where the merchant wants you to trial their offering and you don’t have to continue with them if you don’t want to, rather than ones where they reel you in to an expensive lock down contract

(Michael Jenkins) #13

I like discounts, but an area of all deals relevant to me or not, signing up, claiming…sounds like a faff.

Can you geo-fence deals? i.e. if I am near a cinema or my favourite restaurant, you will send a push notification for the deal?

Can you personalise the deals (maybe from my previous purchases?)

Can I have control to reduce the frequency or stop the notifications?

I think its all about the implementation :slight_smile:


I’ve voted no for three reasons:

  1. It’s development time and effort that could be (imho) better spent on other things.
  2. The ‘offers’ in these types of promotions tend to be utterly insipid.
  3. I do not want my core banking application to include this sort of advertising.

If it’s something that Monzo decides to go ahead with, as it seems I’m in the minority, can we please have it in some sort of ‘Monzo Offers’ app that’s entirely distinct from the actual banking app?

(Not Theresa May) #15

Would be good, as long as it is tucked away or there is ability to hide it

The idea could generate revenue for you guys through brand deals and benefit us too

But I think there needs to be a balance between the professional feel of a banking app and something horrible like Groupon


I voted no because there isn’t a “depends/maybe option”. If the offers were relevant to each individual user based on where they shop etc then it could be worthwhile. If however i’d get a 25% offer at boots or 50% tickets for the (enter musician here) which wouldn’t apply to me then I wouldn’t want to be spammed with it

(James Billingham) #17

Me saying “yes” would be contingent on it being opt-in, and would depend on what kind of data sharing would be involved.

(Herp Derp) #18

I understand MasterCard do promotions i.e. free travel on TfL or something with Uber.

Instead of an o2 scenario would it not be easier to just mail out or add somewhere said promos within the app?

(Mike Fuller) #19

No. Monzo should aim to be the best current account not try and facilitate “loyalty” and dubious deals. If I want deals I’ll search the web. :grinning:

(Patrick) #20

Voted yes before reading the posts and then got swayed by the arguments presented here. Wishing I had read all before voting

(Rika Raybould) #21

I personally really do not care for these kinds of deals. I have yet to see anything even close to worthwhile for someone like me who lives just outside of London. The ones that I have redeemed from other places have spammed me with emails or been such a pain with the merchant that I wished I had just paid full price.

Generally, it’s not something I would want in the core Monzo product and it starts to get close to a whole industry of marketing/data collection/offers/etc that would make me uncomfortable for my bank to be in.


you can still change your vote just by clicking on No :slight_smile:

(Bruce) #23

Only yes if it is something for 2 for 1 cinema tickets across the country weekly.

So a deal that everyone understands.

Not something like Barclays premier deals or Santander deals. The type where you get 10% off at Burger King if you happen to scroll through a list of boring deals…

Reasoning is two fold. Cost of partnership, unless it’s entirely free to Monzo or even a money generator which is possible. Cost of development and management. You’d need a team to build functionality and then resource to manage deals to keep area fresh and partner relationships up.

Something useful to try find out is what amount of use do other banks see on their offerings. I’ve always had the feel that it’s just something they can shout about and no one actually uses, it generates spam emails and dirties the app. I may be wrong though.

I was never with orange but I know odeons were packed on Wednesdays because of their deal and that makes me think it’s an offer people would go for. However that was ten years ago lol