Now in Labs: Safety nets

Fo me, I have a round-up savings pot which I also transfer all interest/couvher money in to which I put aside for the children. I may change that to be the safety net pot but I’d find it really useful if Monzo could pay all interest automatically in to a specified pot. I realise this may be awkward for a savings pot held with another provider but this is what I’m currently doing manually anyway.


This is a great way to allow people to split their personal savings and emergency fund (do wish you could change the name of the pot as I prefer the term ‘emergency fund’) though I hope turning the Instant Access Savings Pot into it’s own account where you can create pots out of the £100,000 limit is on the cards in the future as well!

This is still awesome tho! Good work guys!! :heart: :smile:


This is now in labs for iOS users (with the latest app update).


Giving this a test and it is a good option if something out of the ordinary were to happen. Deposited £150 to it as a starter and I can build that up over the next several months, I have an automatic round up enabled on it through IFTTT too.

Well done Monzo team. :grinning:

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This is one way to kind of make money, an USA with Interest and a pot for change, there we go. :wink:

My ISA is the Safety Net and pot for Change is round up enabled.


I understand that this feature is for anyone who isn’t aware of what an emergency fund is. No idea how many of those make of total Monzo’s customers but if it helps educate one person through the popups then it’s a worthwhile feature.


As far as I can see this is basically just a 2nd 3% savings pot with a few pop-ups to suggest you don’t YOLO spend the money?


That’s what I see it as.

I’ve updated my IFTTT to use the ‘safety net’ pot and hidden it

Yes like most good ideas it is remarkably simple. I already have a pot for this but millions don’t though they should. If you lose your job this sort of thing can
be the difference between losing your car or home or not.

Nice to see monzo executing on something close to their original vision of being a different kind of bank.


I realise this is Labs still, but Safety net doesn’t account for Flex which makes it pretty difficult to set up for me.

I only recently got Flex and I’m still playing with it. I flex most of my regular larger essential. Rule of thumb, If it’s larger than a tenner I flex it. Safety net doesn’t look at Flex so it thinks my grocery spending is £17 and transport is £0. Until the set up screen accounts for Flex too it isn’t useful for me :confused:

Completely separate: find it interesting that personal care isn’t a default category. I know you can add it but it’s so obviously an essential.

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Personal care is free to categorise?

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It doesn’t have to be exact. You can edit the figure to whatever you want.

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yes but I’d need to manually jump back and forth with the trends screen and thats just way too much friction.

“Useless” was a bit extreme tbh, I’ll adjust my wording

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It’s not any friction? Just guess/make a number up/remember it once?

Put the target at £100k, it doesn’t really matter.


If you turn it on in labs what do you do next? It’s not going to automatically start taking money out of my main account is it? I have to set it up and choose how much first etc? Otherwise it may mess things up for me. Thanks…

You have to set it up like a normal pot, it doesn’t do anything really, just a savings pot with the ability to work out how much of a safety net you should save.

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Whilst I totally appreciate the current artwork, I’d love the ability to change it so it matches the styles of my other pots!


Why does it not retain the stack of cash with wings artwork once created? I liked that one more than the umbrella it gave me, which I already used for a different pot!

It’s probably been covered but didn’t see it - am I able to adjust the figures at a later date if my bills change?

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Just press edit.