Notification - Balance is low

(Jamie) #1

Have a simple notification with balance is low plus how many days till payday.

(Terry) #2

I like the idea of beeing able to set a payday and easily beeing able to see how many days till payday :slight_smile: I’m unsure how useful a balance is low notification would be, only because mondo shows you your balance every time you make a transaction.

(Ryan) #3

Would be great to see, I currently have a Google sheet with all of my outgoings and a date next to them which has some conditional formatting to color the cell from green to red depending on how close it is to the date it goes out. It’s a pain to manage.

(Andrew Ross) #4

On B it’s easy to see recurring payments so you can see what’s still to come out between now and payday. Would be nice to have a running balance of ‘what you’ve got left to spend’ which takes this into account.

(James Allison) #5

Transaction notifications usually show your daily spend, but if you’re on a low balance then it’ll tell you what your balance is :slight_smile: