Notes Textbox for Pots?

Hi - had an idea that would be extremely helpful for me & thought I’d share.

Very simple idea - a textbox for entering a few lines of notes (calcuations, things to remember, reasons for why there’s a certain target, whatever). The textbox/textarea would exist in the ‘Manage’ screen of the pot. See visual concept below:

I know I would use this for small, quick notes I’d want ‘in app’ instead of having to keep them elsewhere. I’d like to think a textarea like this with some input validation and data not used anywhere else in the app wouldn’t be too much of a technical undertaking, but I’m no software engineer.

A bonus point would be having an option somehwere to enable notes on pots, so that people who don’t want/need notes on pots aren’t presented with this text area. Or perhaps more specifically, when editing the pot itself there could be an option to enable notes for the pot. This allows specific enable/disable of notes on a pot.

Thanks for reading,

Bottom one has a clever little workaround you might find useful