No More Bad Mortgage Terms

I think Monzo should make mortgages easier to get and climb up the property ladder.

If you can pay each month-the amount quoted, then why do you need a credit score? You shouldn’t have to bring 3 years worth of proof if you are self-employed or take out debt to build credit report. The only thing you should be assessed by is how much you can pay for the Mortgage.

Change the terms of a traditional mortgage. Make it easier for new house owners. Thank You.

Monzo do not have the capital to do this and if they did, what’s in incentive?

It’s tough to get a mortgage for a reason, I know thats harsh on some people but if there was a way to give everyone a mortgage responsibly and make money, it would already be done.


Exactly for this reason :point_down:

How else are they going to get that figure? You tell them, pinky promise?

No one will give hundreds of thousands without ensuring that they can get their money back. Especially not someone who’s far from profitability


I’ve said many times on this forum, people who borrow, borrow from their future self.

But I don’t believe you’re robbing yourself by taking out a mortgage. Mortgages are a form of good debt, and you can reasonably expect for the value of your asset to increase over the term of your borrowing. Additionally, for most people, there would be no way to buy a home without a mortgage.

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That quote appears to have been edited out now :man_shrugging:


A lot of hard work proving finances for a mortgage are because banks have a legal duty to ensure you can afford a mortgage.

This was because of the heyday of the naughties where up to 110% mortgages were given out like sweets to people who couldn’t afford them.

And I agree with this they need to be cautious and they were definitely throwing money to anyone and everyone but they seem to have gone a bit too far. We’re in a situation where you have people paying £1000+ rent a month for years, who can’t get a mortgage that costs £600 a month

Isn’t that because they don’t have a deposit though?