📰 UK banks can now clear cheques in a day - Engadget

(Danny) #1

(Max Walker) #2

I’m sure a lot of people will be pushing for Monzo to implement this, I personally think its a great idea.


I shall be pushing Apple to retain RS232 ports, because legacy is the future.

(Change Works) #4

Prepaid, credit, and debit cards are legacy. Mobile payments are the future :wink::grinning:


…right up until your mobile runs out of battery and goes dead. Then prepaid, credit and debit cards are the future. Along with RS232 ports.

(Danny) #6

Didn’t Sky used to have RS232 ports on their boxes up until about 2 years ago?


WTF? They’ve got rid of them?

The Sky is the limit

(Danny) #8

Yea man

Blurred for lulz

(Mark Edmonds) #9

All running on IBM Token Ring network? :wink:

(Change Works) #10

Perfect preparation prevents poor performance, thus my mobile never runs out of bat

(Change Works) #11

According to this poll on MSE, 16 people aged 50-64 have never paid with a cheque. I find that hard to believe.