📰 Monzo Current Accounts - Daily Mail

Monzo current accounts are being reported on by the Daily Mail :slight_smile:

Grabbed my attention my Google Now feed … “Monzo’s current account finally here”. Whilst it’s not a lie, it was certainly misleading. Until I saw the full title on their site.


little detail on rates and rewards so far

The account is still in beta testing so there’s no information on the interest rates paid on your balance and it’s a pretty basic offering at the moment with no bells and whistles like cashback.

This is likely to improve as the roll-out gains momentum

they’re going to be disappointed :joy:

That’s not great article overall in my opinion, they don’t point out any of the benefits but highlight everything that Monzo doesn’t have & the fact Monzo’s losing money. Oh well.


You can say that again! :joy:

It’s a pretty meh article, but good to see that Monzo isn’t slipping under the radar :slight_smile:

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The fact that Monzo is even being compared to these banks in it’s fledgling is something to be very proud of :v: :v:


I thought Monzo were not paying interest on any money in your account?


They’re not, that’s my point :slight_smile:

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Oh, that’s not what it sounded like.

And you’d be hard pressed to find a good article in the Daily Mail.


Wow The Daily Mail :joy::joy::joy:

Since when does Daily Mail have a ‘great’ article :joy:


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