New to monzo investing

Hey all is there a new fund rising on the way? How do i know when is the next. Can you register your interest somewhere and receive an email or text when is available?

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The awareness of the crowd funding has increased through the different rounds. The last round was in the monzo app still through crowdcube. Its not a bad thing to follow seedrs and crowdcube to see the latest fintech raises that are in progress. Free-trade are raising on crowd cube they might still be open.

Send me a message if you want a free share sign up

no i dont invest in crap shares i go for expensive mutual funds.stay away from trading on these app unless you are a trader and know what you are doing. money have to be given to people that knows how to make it grow otherwise we will all be traders. think about is like casinos. every now and then a good win but how much money you loose before you win.

people like terry swith for example… my money tripled in 10 years . will you make a better job than him in your share trading on those apps? no way man… that is how they make their money

There is a difference between investing and gambling. Please take your rant elsewhere.


stick to subject please. i know is difficult among non professional. i asked one thing. if you got the knowledge reply otherwise dont… same as into meetings right? or you speak for the sake of speaking :slight_smile:

Love the immediate off subject commentary.

This is the latest going round on their funding from what I can see




thanks ben interesting article i saw that already. i hoped there was some sort of news letter or a subscription where to file your interest in investing in the company but apparently there isnt. how do they reach investors? is it up to us to stick on confusing crowded forums?

It would be announced in all the usual fintech news sources and in app last time.

They’re not short of customers wanting to invest so they don’t need to go to much effort


Why don’t you go and ask your friend terry swith? (If you can spell his name correctly)


i do not think he cares too much about monzo :slight_smile:

stick to subject please. i know is difficult among non professional.


So why are you interested in investing in Monzo (an unlisted company and therefore riskier investment than the listed shares available on Freetrade)?


I don’t know about Monzo but I feel that person could do with investing in some manners. :confused:


That’s a rare investment


Could not have said it better myself!

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Because when they suffer devaluation i buy lots of shares cheaper and i like banks.

Please what is the response
to the question on registerIng to invest in the next round of Monzo fund raising

Is it possible to block certain users on here?

Just ones who I’m sure have nothing constructive to offer and I really don’t want to waste my time reading their mental unravelings…

Who knows, there has been nothing confirmed by Monzo. Just rumours.

There is no where to register your interest. You’ll have to listen to Monzo’s comms, the news, possibly the forum.

There is no where to register your interest in investing in Monzo.

Yes, head to the users account, then click the “Normal” notification tab, near Message. You can mute a user there.

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