New package accounts coming?

Send me the link? I’ll trade it for screenshots if I get accepted.

Just don’t let Monzo peeps know!


If this is the case, it won’t matter who clicks on the link. @BritishLibrary has been logged as the wrong demographic!

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Maybe they have seen my impassioned commentary on packaged accounts and realise they don’t need my opinions :scream:


I managed to procure a link to the form – but I must protect my sources!

I don’t know if it’s a tracked link because even though I was binned off too, I was sent away at different stages of the questioning depending on my answers. They seem to be looking for answers from very specific demographic(s).


Very good journalistic integreity there. I thank you. Err. Your source probably appreciates that.


This explains why I haven’t been invited.

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How far did you get? :eyes:

I managed to get through the whole thing after some experimentation :female_detective: so definitely not a tracked link.

Monzo peeps, don’t worry, I didn’t submit the responses given I wasn’t the intended recipient and didn’t want to skew results with my fake persona.

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So out of all the options in the survey - and from each of the three “styles” of package you pick, it then asks you to pick your favourite of the three.


Now they are trying to trick me:

I’ve already told you my definitely real age Monzo!


Is that a text box? You can get creative if it is!

I’d ask for a copy of the form too, but we all know what I did you bank holiday payday calculator! :joy:

So unlike @ndrw, I wouldn’t be able to help myself when it comes to this

I’m sure Tom and Don (@N12throwaway) MacMonier would have a field day skewing those results with their fake personas :wink:


Note to self: do not trust @N26throwaway with access to important forms!


So answering the ASL questions honestly actually got me through the door to the rest of the form. :raised_hands:

Some feedback:

Don’t be @Peter_G. Who misses First Direct (yet includes Wise) when building the list of bank options? Had to add it via other and used the duh emoji for good measure.


Finished the survey. At the end this was the one I zeroed in on. Like what’s on offer but didn’t feel the value was there for my feedback. Both the perks need to be a little more generous (less restrictive cashback, lower amount, higher limit, not limited by categroy), for a lower monthly fee (£7.99) and ditch the coffee, is where I’d be happy to pay for something like this. Until then, the current £5 plus plan is better than all the alternatives shown in the survey, thanks.


Some personal news! I’m delighted to confirm that I’m now Chief Pollster for Monz-oh-no.



I got this last week but with an offer of a £40 gift card!!!


That’s the same package that I ended up with. To me it feels wrong to pay for cashback and savings interest though, so although this is the best of many poor options it’s still not great.


Yeah I found the way it merged the bits into one a bit difficult for properly scoring.

Some were “closest to what I want” Vs “best of a bad bunch” type of thing.

Similarly some questions were slightly leading I felt - “add family cover for £3” / no” hard to give feedback on wether the price is the problem, the family part is not needed etc.

And making assumptions about what the headline means - like home contents cover - in theory I want but I need more terms to assess the price etc.

Another nugget From Working In A Brand That Does Research Is that there’s a known fact that purchasing behaviour isn’t always replicated IRL vs in research


Agree with this. The “I’ll give you money if you give me money” game is only going to have one winner. If it’s me, I’ll sign up, but it’s a strange product offering.

Fwiw, I’d probably take Spotify for £7.99/mo, because I currently pay £9.99/mo, but I’m not sure Monzo’s future profits will be made from deals like this.

More generally, I find these packaged accounts a bit strange. In the days of price comparison websites, there is so much choice out there with insurance products, and they’re so easy to get, that it rarely makes sense to buy a package from your bank.

Gut feeling is that, if Monzo want to make money from insurance, they should do it properly and decouple it from the current account offerings.

If, as once was said, Monzo need to offer packages like this to allow customers who rely on them to switch their current accounts to Monzo, then Monzo should just quietly copy/match the competition’s offerings.

I’ve looked again and changed my vote to Max.

By my reckoning, that’s giving me the extras I use in Premium for a tenner, when you subtract the 9.99 I already pay for Spotify.