New navigation for business banking users

I’m wondering whether business banking users will get the new navigation this week? Might be just that I’m in a late batch for the update, but the post announcing the new navigation’s launch said that there were still some edits to do on the business banking side, so I’m wondering if those are a blocker still?


In case anyone else didn’t have time to read through ~300 messages:

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Hey @duncang ! We’re working on the updates on the business banking side, and hoping to have everyone on the new navigation by the end of October!


Oh wow that’s longer than I had expected!

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Hopefully we can get it across sooner, but we still have a few key updates to make before we can turn it on, just to make sure it’s working properly for everyone :slight_smile:

It will be worth the wait, though!


Why the significant delay? Has the business team not been included in the discussions for the new navigation?

I’m curious as to what breaks for business users in the new nav as it currently stands, assuming that the new nav was built with multiple accounts in mind…

I’m just annoyed that I got kicked off the new nav when I opened my business account :frowning:

Good question :slight_smile: the new navigation was definitely built for scalability and multiple accounts, but the extra time for business accounts is to make some tweaks that ensure that everything is working properly for businesses. We’re building a new way for you to be able to switch “contexts” so that you don’t necessarily see all your business funds next to your personal funds (and vice versa). We also need to build in the entry points for any business account specific features that don’t exist on personal accounts (for example: integrations with accounting tools, partner perks, tax pots, etc)

The goal is that the new navigation supports business accounts as they grow too. So, you can see all your business money and pots in one place, and if you ever have multiple business accounts for the same business, you can see it in the same album view too (for example, many companies are required by law to separate out “client money” into a second account).

Spending a little more time on it right now makes sure that it’s stable and can continue to work properly as we add more features/functionality later! :smiley:


Just a gentle enquiry, any update on this as we’re now (just) into November?


@jrdn bump!

An update would be great. Noticed the UI is starting to break on the old layout now.


Just come across this topic, I wondered why I don’t have the new UI. My other half showed me his Monzo the other day and it looked different (the new design), I was jealous. Then assumed it must be something to do with the fact that I have business banking as well, seems that’s the case. Let’s hope we get it soon.

Should be soon:

I think we’re mostly looking for an update due to this:

I don’t have a particular issue with the current UI, but it’d be nice to know when things might be changing.

Hi everyone! We’re working on it this week - and it should be with you in the next few weeks. It’s taken a little longer than expected to work out how we wire it all together, but it’s coming across nicely now! Here’s a sneak peak at how you’ll be able to switch between accounts :slight_smile:


How far up the page is that switch account button?

Right now on Android your options are Account - Switch account, or Payments - “Switch button”; both of which are quite high up for one handed operation.

Any sneak peaks of the new invoicing? As I only have need for basic functionality most of the time it’s now my primary method of sending invoices. I’m a little worried that access to old ones might change or something might change that stops me using it in the way that I currently do.

Multiple accounts for the same business sounds awesome… are there plans on when this is coming? I currently have 6 accounts with Lloyds and i am paying more about 6.50 for each. Happy to pay for additional accounts with Monzo… but I don’t like the requirement to have separate LTD companies for each, as all my accounts are under one LTD. I have additional accounts for departments and and for splitting client funds and an expense account.

Could anybody shed any light on when the new app layout may come to accounts holders who also have a business account?

I’ve moved your post to a thread already mulling that over. Latest update from Monzo:


Ah! Thanks Peter. Will stop being so lazy, and do a search next time!

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Hi @jrdn. It’s been 2 weeks since your last update. Any new info on progress or a timeline? Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Any updates on this?