New App icon

Will we be getting any new app icons we got the pride one and nothing else I know it’s nothing major but it’s still a cool idea :ok_hand:

There are Plus icons depending on the colour of your Plus card. Apart from that I don’t think there are any plans to introduce other app icons at the moment

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I haven’t heard any whispers of new icons :yum: but what sort of options would you love to see? :smile:

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Could do one for the flags of people’s countries lol - I’d run into an immediate issue of wanting one that’s half welsh/hongkong flag :rofl:

Edit: How does this forum not have the Welsh flag or the Hong Kong one ?!!!

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On the choose icon screen there is a version with a white background at the top which isn’t selectable.

Maybe also something with a coral background to match the card (possibly other options for the plus cards)


There’s many ways to customise the icon yourself on Android.

Well I don’t know but when the pride one came out I thought it was pretty good. Maybe have one where we can customise the colours our selfs that would be a great idea :bulb:

The icon with the white background from the top of icon picker screen!

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I know this is a minor feature and there’s so much work going on but that white icon does look nice. I came looking for this thread purely because I keep wanting to select it. :grinning:


Shameless bump for this icon idea

You need to vote at the top…

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