Net Neutrality Day


So it’s net neutrality day today. Most sites, including discourse, used a pop-up to show their support, but I didn’t get one here. :disappointed:

How does Monzo feel about net neutrality?

Net Neutrality
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I’m guessing they like net neutrality but it’s not as if they get a lot of web traffic, relatively speaking.

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I think this is a US-specific issue, so not sure it’s relevant to Monzo?

We have functioning competition between ISPs here (they don’t) so less ability for a couple big players to discriminate traffic. You can just switch to a provider that doesn’t.


Yep, it is a US-specific issue, but it does affect us all. It would include all packets travelling through the US and not just those that originate or end up there.

Anyways, not a massive deal, just wanted to get Monzo’s view that’s all.

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