NatWest Housemate App

Anyone seen this? Not sure how new this is (even though not launched yet):


Looks interesting, not heard about it before seeing your post

Neither had I.

I only came across it while complaining about how NatWest show transfers (no names, only references) so I couldn’t see which of my housemates had transferred me money and they said “but we will have this app soon”.


Well that rules out NatWest as a potential bricks & mortar / second bank for me. Seems a weird ommision.

On the Housemates app - it’s not clear to me if connecting to a bank via open banking is a necessity to use the app or if it’s an optional part of it. If the former I think they might struggle to get groups to use it.

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It surprised me. Apparently it will eventually appear :man_shrugging:t2:


Wait, so NW take a couple of days to add the payee name to your feed? Can you check if this is indeed the case with previous payments?

So looking at the first payment, which I got yesterday around 17:00 which initially was just the reference and not the name, it now has changed to the name of the person with the reference in the details.

I got another payment at about 19:13 and that still shows up as the reference and not the name.


Received the invite to sign up to the beta today

Is this something new? I recently opened an RBS account and didn’t notice.

Edit: That’s very annoying. Why wouldn’t I be able to see who my transfers came from? I just initiated one from Revolut and it simply displays ‘Revolut’.

So it appears a few days later as the name of the person with the reference in the details. It’s just annoying that initially you cannot see who has transferred you money in.


What’s it look like?

Unfortunately doesn’t link upto starling bank yet


Hopefully NatWest will be uploading a new build soon as current one expires in 7 days

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Which banks does it support?

NatWest obviously, but is support for other banks good or not?

Here is the list of supported banks so far


That pretty good support, all main banks, plus all main fintechs (with the exception of Starling).

Even all the main banks in Northern Ireland!


Just hope they renew the TestFlight as it expires in a week and it’s been really useful for me and my partner

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First trust bank? They’ve been aib for ages


Has AIB on there as well

I know, it should read Allied Irish Bank (NI) really.