My card app still thinks it's August

(Nick Rothwell) #1

In the “spending” page, the totals at the top are “July” and “So Far This Month”.
If I go into a category, then it’s correctly “July”, “August” and “So Far This Month”.

(Nick Rothwell) #2

Fixed by a forced exit and restart. So I guess there’s an auto date refresh in categories but not overall?

(Alex Sherwood) #3

The good news is this is a known issue, here was the last comment from :mondo:

And my follow up, which will hopefully give you some sense of what timescale to expect the fix in

Spending not updating
(Nick Rothwell) #4

OK, thanks. sorry if this is a duplicate, I did scan through the large number of messages to see if it had cropped up before, but missed it.