Multiple regular payments in

Hi, this is my first post, so sorry in advance if it’s in the wrong place or is a duplicate!

I’ve made the full switch to Monzo and have set the 28th as the start of the month to keep a track on spending a budgets, which overalls is great, but there’s one little thing that I’d love to see fixed:

On the 28th of the month my salary comes in, which is followed on the 2nd of the next month by a second income in (rent from a tenant). This second payment is fixed and forms part of my monthly budgeting.

Is there a way of setting a recurring income, so my overall budget is accurate from the 28th, rather than when the rent arrives on the 2nd?

Hopefully this makes sense, didn’t think it would be so hard to explain in text!

Thanks, Dan.


Did you ever get a work around for this?

This would be very useful for me to.

Would also be useful for the 4 weekly child benefit we get.

No, didn’t hear back off anyone.

It’s still a problem though, would be good to know if it’s being considered for the future