Move money to pot fortnightly

I’d be interested to understand why common functionality (or what should be common functionality, like this) isn’t built in a generic way within a framework, with each app simply determining how things are displayed…


Probably because it wasn’t there in the first place. The device teams look to have split in two and have minimal correlation. They definitely need to see each others apps once in a while and replicate.

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To be fair it is generally Android that is behind IOS so I’m shocked that we have this over those pesky Apple people :grin:

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We didn’t get snow in app at Christmas either :disappointed:


I scrolled down a few topics in the ‘latest’ feed and found another feature that IOS has over Android. So at least you have this… Probably more useful than snow :smiley: :wink:

I hope this feature can make the next TF release :eyes:


Cheers dude

I’d have known but I’ve been permabanned from Slack init

The bantz just too much for some peeps :eyes:

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Was hoping this would have been added to the latest TF, can be done on Android and SO’s so why not pots still?


Personally I’m eager for them to introduce the “Every Full Moon” option, so I can cater for my lunar-induced spending, but you can guarantee we won’t get it!


I thought this was ‘coming soon’?

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Bump coz votes now init


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I gave you a pity vote :grin:


Bump for more votes :slight_smile:

Still waiting for this :roll_eyes:

Ok so still no updates, what happened to making both Android and iOS the same?

Metrobank offer this and the person that was requesting this (via myself) is looking to move back them as there has been no comments since January from Monzo.

Only so many coming soons and not sures one can say.

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Not sure if this is the right place to put this.

Not sure if it’s already been mentioned before, but would be awesome if we had the ability to merge pots. I know you’re thinking that defeats the objective of having separate pots but being able to merge them will be cool for those who need it.

Ie. I give myself an income from my business which I put into a pot every week. It would be good to merge this with another pot I have ie. General savings pot, so when the time comes that I need to use the funds for whatever purpose, I know I would only want to use the general savings and the business pot.

Easier to see what’s what and where the money is, easier management.

May not be for all, but would be cool feature if added for those who need it, from a simple touch of a button! (Or screen)

I’ve been asking for this to be moved to iOS since March 19 ! :roll_eyes: