Move Money - maintain amount when switch between 'Add' and 'Withdraw'

Background: I’m not very bright. Whenever I want to move money from my joint account to my personal account, the flow goes something like this:

  1. Open Move Money page
  2. Tap the amount field, enter value
  3. Hover thumb over the ‘Add to Joint Account’ button
  4. Realise that’s not what I want, and I actually want to withdraw from joint account
  5. Tap ‘Withdraw’
  6. Curse the fact that the amount has returned to the default of £50
  7. Tap the amount field, enter value again
  8. Tap ‘Withdraw from Joint Account’

Feature request: remove steps 6 and 7, by making the amount I enter on the ‘Add’ page be the default on the ‘Withdraw’ page.


I can’t believe no one else has commented on this. I was just about to make a post requesting this feature when your post came up as suggested. I have the same issue too, especially when I’m trying to transfer an irregular amount to cover say a bill, and I then have to remember what the amount was that I was transferring.

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I have made this mistake so many times!

Also, I’m not sure why it needs to default to £50? Why can’t it be left blank for us to fill in as required? It’s pretty rare that I need to withdraw exactly £50. That would also make it that little but quicker for us as we don’t need to delete the 50 from the input field. I also think being able to put the numbers in like when using paypal makes everything a bit quicker, like this:

Say you want to withdraw £6.84

  • Press 6 = £0.06

  • Press 8 = £0.68

  • Press 4 = £6.84

I obviously can’t speak for everyone but I much prefer that way and it makes everything a little bit quicker as you don’t need to press the decimal point.