[iOS] Joint account withdrawal feed entry

When withdrawing from a Joint Account to a Personal account,
a feed entry is created, but it is labelled with the Source, not the Destination.

This is confusing, because any other withdrawal would show where the money went.


Jane and Joe’s joint account

Tesco          -£100
Jane and Joe   -£20     <--- This should say Joe only
Pret           -£10
Boots          -£30

Joe’s personal account

Jane and Joe   +£20

Details to reproduce:
Withdraw some money from a Joint account to a Personal account.

iOS 13

iPhone 11 Pro

App Version:
Kind of irrelevant, the app has always done this

Seems like iOS only, here’s the :android: equivalent:

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It shows okay on iOS for me.

Have you got the payee set up with both names on?

@Dan5 nope.

Monzo said:

I can see how this would cause confusion and I’m so sorry about that.
Unfortunately at this time we don’t have a feature to edit that but I would love it if you would leave some feedback about it in our blog.

(Maybe the support staff didn’t understand, because that reply doesn’t make sense).


Just to confirm are you both using the flow: Payment > Move Money > Withdraw?
Is the text different if you start in JA on the home page or CA?

Good question. Just tried it both ways, same result.

I don’t get why it’s showing correctly for me, and not for you. :thinking:

What does it show on your statement?

Looks like the PDF statement has it correct.

Andrew (P2P Payment)