More than 50 custom categories 🙃

Hello yes it’s me. I request this in every thread that it comes up and I’m putting it out here for votes.

Do I expect a lot of votes? No.

Would I like this feature? Yes.

I am at 50 categories and have just had my first haircut since pre-pandemic and have had to put it in personal care which is not ideal :mask:

So. That’s it really. More than 50 custom categories pls.

Voted :+1:

I don’t need more than 50 categories, but I’d like you to have them!


Voted for this reason.

I think the sheer fact you’ve hit the limit, means you should get more.


^^ Same.

Partly because I’m in awe of how organised you are with them. When you first said you had 50, I thought “That’s loads, surely you don’t need all those” and then when you listed them, they all make sense!


I’ll only vote if we can import/export them so I can have @Alexferrigno list without having to create them all myself :sweat_smile:


I’ve got some spare ones you can have for a reasonable price.


New feature request; community category templates that can be imported/exported!


You guys 🥲

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@Dan5 I see your vote :eyes:

Happy to help with any internal lobbying…just let me know where to send the [doughnuts/cake/beers]?

You could make a category just for bribes

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Curious as to what goes into Personal Care if a haircut wouldn’t make the cut?

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Only if he deletes one first :rofl:

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Things like chapstick, hand cream/sanitizer, and medicine (whether just paracetamol or a prescription).

Haircuts being in there isn’t the worst but given it’s a much ‘bigger’ event/purchase and obviously a lot more costly, would appreciate it being its own thing for top level visibility.

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I just had a look into my YNAB at my “Personal Care” category. I split mine in at least 6 ways that are appropriate to show on the internet:


So yeah more categories plllllease!


Yeah I would like dentist to be a separate one too but didn’t wanna get too into it :weary:

Interesting that your clothing sits in the same place as health etc. but I can see the logic alongside barbers.

My clothes and accessories (I guess that’s like your apparel?) are their own top level categories rn.

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Yeah honestly I had so much debate about how I would structure it. If this was in Monzo and I could only have 50 “Top Level” categories, I totally would do the same.

But with the power of Sub Categories, this sort of feels like my “Category for all things self improvement”, wether health / image / etc.

That’s the beauty of subcategories though.

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Hear hear!

Gonna have to make a difficult decision as it stands :mask:


Interesting. I put my dentist costs under bills.

Achievement unlocked :trophy:

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