Monzo X London Pride 2018 ๐ŸŒˆ


Great to review how it went.

The crowd handouts is a good idea.

Any chance of increasing numbers next year?

(Liam H) #164

Thatโ€™s definitely the plan @anon44204028, fingers crossed for the application process! :crossed_fingers: :blush:


Please tell me gonzo is the name of your lgbt allies group?

(Liam H) #167

That is correct! :joy:


Makes a change from all the usual cliches! :monzopride:

(Liam H) #170

Absolutely @Liam_W - especially with the heat and the walking, we want people to be able to wear whatever theyโ€™re most comfortable in. Glad you had a good time! :blush:

(Colin Robinson) #171

Wasnโ€™t that referring to the dress code at the Tattershall Castle?

(Liam H) #173

Yes it was @Dunsford, sorry I shouldโ€™ve been clearer!

We want everyone to be comfortable and wear what they want on the day, and by extension wherever we go after shouldnโ€™t place any restrictions on that :+1:

(Paul) #174

I had a great time and to be able to March was an awesome experience. Thanks Monzo :heart:๏ธ

(Nick Perry) #175

Just no stickers/adhesive things please :+1:

(Liam H) #176

Yep definitely! We were planning to until we found out about the rule against them, but weโ€™ve got time to be creative with it for next year now :blush:

(Jorge) #177

Might be late for this but my dog also got ready for pride :rainbow::rainbow: