Monzo X London Pride 2018 🌈


How about giving all folks regardless of their sexual preferences, an opportunity to apply for Rainbow Hot Coral card? You don’t need to be a member of LGBT community to show your support. :sunglasses:

(Andy) #84

Sure! But maybe turn up to the event to put your name down and show support that way? (Hypothetically speaking)


Sure! Every year.

(Cameron Chalmers) #86

Super crude mock-up but could it even be a simple as something like this?

(Jack) #87

I like this it’s suttle and keeping with the hot coral theme :+1:t3:

(Cameron Chalmers) #88

Yeah subtle but shows pride, I’d definitely want one like it for sure :v:


Sign me up for it! Love it.

(Jack) #90

DIY Edition* :smiley:

*Recommended only for the most skilled at staying within the lines.

(Cameron Chalmers) #91

@angusfrommonzo what would the chances be on a Pride Edition Debit card? :thinking:

(Jonathon) #92

Love this idea. I’d pay for one.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #93

They’d have to. They don’t have any information on customer’s sexuality.

(Angus) #94

I think it’s a really great idea! Although I don’t think it’s possible for this year’s pride at least.

I think someone said something about the magnetic stripe paint coming in relatively few colours (so we couldn’t get a rainbow on the back) :pensive:

We do, however, have pride themed debit card costumes (8 of them!) for the parade!

(Cameron Chalmers) #95

That’s amazing, can’t wait to see those :joy:

(Ruaridh Maclean) #96

They’ll be fun to wear fun in 28°C heat… :joy::joy::joy:

(Cameron Chalmers) #97

I was thinking the same :joy:

(Paul) #98

Thanks Monzo, you’re the best! :rainbow_flag::rainbow_flag::rainbow_flag: Looking forward to London Pride :rainbow_flag:

(Liam H) #99

The sandwich boards arrive today, so we’ll make sure to post them here too :joy: :tada:

(Liam H) #100

They’re here! :tada:

(Andy) #101

Oh wow. I so want this!

(Liam H) #102

@anon44204028 @coffeemadman T-shirts are live on our shop now too - thanks for suggesting this! :blush:

We have two designs, one with our rainbow Monzo logo and another featuring Hot Chip - this is the design we’ll be wearing at Pride.

Profits from both t-shirts are donated to Stonewall :hot_coral_heart: