Monzo X London Pride 2018 🌈

(Angus) #63

Hey everyone! Sorry for a bit of radio silence from me (I’ve been on holiday :palm_tree: sorrynotsorry)

Just wanted to confirm everyone who has responded and has a ticket for the parade - they are:

@chalmerscameron (and a +1) @GalaxyMergirl @Liam_W @anon69333708 @staceydoesmagic @Paulw @brandonskerritt @Yeah01 @Ruaridh


(Angus) #64


@josinclair @maidop (and a +1) @Faucigliettti @Dunsford @jasper (and a +1)

… yep that’s slightly more than 10 but we managed to get a few more tickets for our community :raised_hands:

I emailed all of you the document with the details for the day yesterday but let me know if you’ve not got it! (PS sorry for the times new roman… blame exporting from dropbox paper) :sweat_smile:

Now start making friends and getting to know each other! Can’t wait to meet you all next weekend!!

(Allie) #65

I didn’t get the email.

(Jonathon) #66

If I see everyone in the parade I’ll come say hello :slight_smile:

*Depends where they plonk me in the parade :laughing:

(Angus) #67

do you have a dropbox account? If so I’ll invite you to view the original doc

If not… I’ll somehow convert it to a jpeg and upload it here

(Allie) #68

I don’t but I can make one. I’ll get to you tonight.

(Stacey) #69

I am finally getting around to saying hello! :wave:

Hello! Super excited for Pride and glitter and dancing, fingers crossed the sunshine stays, but the heat goes away?!


I know I already confirmed by email but reconfirming! Can’t wait. Stupidly excited. Face paint!


Have a great time everyone :rainbow:

“Zall good” not sure how many of you will get that reference :wink:

(Luca) #72

This is going to be awesome! I didn’t get the email though :weary:

(brandon skerritt) #73

Super super excited!!!

(brandon skerritt) #74

Just brought my train tickets :rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::rainbow:

(Cameron Chalmers) #75

hey everyone :raised_hands:

(Angus) #76

Hello again! If you’ve not received the email with the details for the day you can find them here (you’ll need a dropbox account to see that).

The most important bits:

:date: Date: 12:00pm, Saturday 7th of July
:world_map: Location: Starting in Regent’s Park, ending in Trafalgar Square

Before the parade:

After the parade:

:school_satchel: What to bring

  • We will provide you and your +1 with a t-shirt - we will bring it to Regent’s Park on the day
  • Lots of enthusiasm and energy - This is a party and a celebration. We need to keep energy up!
  • Sunblock - hopefully it will be very sunny
  • A lot of patience - we might end up waiting a lot before starting to walk down
  • Comfortable shoes - there will be lots of walking, as you can imagine
  • Plastic bags - we’ll need to collect our own garbage to dump at the end of the parade

Anything else?

(Cameron Chalmers) #77

This is probably impossible, but what about a limited edition pride card for people to take part or something like that? :thinking:


Awesome idea! Rainbow on hot coral!

(Jon Crozier) #79

I’d get one too! Great idea. :smile: :monzopride:

Enjoy your time at Pride Monzonaughts!

(Andy) #80

I echo this. But too inclusive. Maybe people that meet you at Pride next year?

(Cameron Chalmers) #81

How would a Pride Debit Card be too inclusive? :thinking:

(Andy) #82

Sorry. I meant too exclusive.

Just 10 -20 members wouldn’t be enough.