Monzo X London Pride 2018 🌈

(Paul) #43

Apple allows app developers to change app icons I believe. Could we have a Monzo app rainbow :rainbow: M for week or so in July? :rainbow_flag:

(Colin Robinson) #44

@chalmerscameron Apple store in Norwich. Also on their website:


It’s Β£50!

(Although, to be fair, the watch itself is about Β£320 isn’t it? I got a series 2 but returned it when I realised I really couldn’t actually afford it.)

(Colin Robinson) #46

It cost a bit more than that back in 2015 when I bought my original but I’ve had 3 years use out of it so far :+1::watch:

(Sunjay Bhogal ) #47

I will be on holiday at Germany and Cologne Pride is during that weekend. Hopefully will join you in 2019.

(Angus) #48

Thanks for all the replies :smile:

Definitely some great flavour choices on show here :drooling_face:

We’re about to have our catch up now where we’ll (hopefully) be able to randomly pick out attendees!
We’ll be in touch soon if you’re chosen! :ok_hand:

(Naji Esiri) #49

These are the worst!!! I actually didn’t mind the grass or toothpaste flavour to be fair :sweat_smile:

Looks like this is going to be a great day! :smiley:


Imagine throwing the whole pack in your mouth…


For those wanting to come out but not sure how to do it, why not try sending this song to your family or friends


Sadly a bit far away but have an awesome pride! :monzopride:

(Jack) #53

Enjoy all! :raised_hands:t3: :monzopride:

(jasper) #54

I’m probably too late Angus but I would love to walk with Monzo :smile:


Time to make some new friends!

I am not saying to replace the old ones but get new ones as well.


No reason to not be LGBT-friendly. One love, everyone’s human.


I love the black one (liquorice). My parents loved it and I was not really fond of it. Now, like with coffee, I love that bittersweet taste :stuck_out_tongue:

(Liam H) #58

The banner has arrived! :blush: :rainbow_flag:


How about selling Monzo teeshirts in the shop with the logo in Pride colours rather than the regular logo. It would be a great addition.

(Jonathon) #60

Yessss I’d get one.

(Liam H) #61

Can certainly suggest it! :blush:

(Caspar) #62

And stickers :grimacing: