Monzo vs Starling vs Chase vs Others - 2022 Poll!

According to Chase Twitter Support they’re working on Open Banking, along with Joint accounts and CASS.

Nicolle at Chase Support sure is promising a lot! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hmmm… I was told in chat on the 29th:

We currently don’t have any plans to sign up to open banking, but it is something in the near future. Please keep your push notifications on in the app to be notified of new products and services when they are launched. Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

Not sure if we can draw any meaningful answers from the poll, this is the Monzo community forum after al.


And CoP. R-

True, by it’s nature part of it will be Monzo biased but there are plenty of people on here who either don’t use Monzo or don’t like them at all.

If you look at the responses, it’s not just Monzo winning everything.

Not sure why people aren’t voting for Chase on the “best rates” one though :man_shrugging:


Honestly, just exposes those who are blindly biased, because that’s a pretty objective one. Chase are the market leader in every product category they operate. No one has better rates. Perhaps an argument could be made for Virgin Money though.

Unless any of them want to elaborate on why they voted, because they may be comparing against completely different products and use cases that are better for them than what Chase may offer through their products. Particularly curios about who the others are from those who voted other! If I can get better rates somewhere that I’m not aware of, please tell me!


This is what I’m desperate for.

Never managed to get on well enough with any of the aggregators - tried Emma, Yolt and Lumio quite extensively.

If Monzo could properly enrich third party transactions (notes, tags, bill splits etc), provide a master feed, and commit to adding as many integrations as possible, I’d be happy af.


This and the ability to include connected accounts in your Monzo budget would be epic


Well we can draw the conclusion that people on this forum so far prefer Monzo in most areas.

This is actually a very surprising conclusion to me.


We would do it on the Starling community forum, but they shuttered that


Could perhaps run them over at fintech forum or 9to5fs. The former has a good varied mix of folks, so that would be interesting, and the latter largely don’t like Monzo at all, so would perhaps see the opposite of the polls here.

Might copy them over to those places later. Any other fintech discourse forums out there?


Put it on the MSE forum.

Then run.


I have emma from a really old deal but not keen on it, I do pay for Moneyhub because it doesnt sell your data and its a bit more traditional/professional in approach. It also supports more systems because it can use scrapping so marcus etc is in there.


Monzo wins, right? Right!?!

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Nope :joy::joy:

Nice try though :grin:

Wait! Hang on! Change search parameters and, hey presto :+1::rofl:

Although Monzo only top of that list as a paid Ad, hence two entries :person_shrugging:


I’m on iOS, you’re on Android :slight_smile:

I didn’t search to get that btw, it just came up.

But honestly I don’t really care who wins on top, I’m more about which has better features :slight_smile:


That’s a curated list, not the actual user charts!

Some of these lists are handpicked by Apple’s curators, and some you have to pay for. This one is relatively old now by a few years, and occasionally pops up on the today tab.

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iOS app download chart.

Pretty sure google works their chart numbers differently over iOS I think with other factors affecting rankings. I will look at the dev notes.

Starling is number 11 on the list fyi.

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It’s sorted by number of daily from the past 24 hours. Will need to double check, but I believe updates are counted, and that’s why you get a lot of developers updating their apps on a weekly basis like clockwork with release notes like this:

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