Monzo users at the end of 2019?

Where do people think Monzo user numbers will get to by the end of 2019?

My estimate…
Tom said on a recent podcast last week that Monzo were growing at 2% week on week (

The homepage says 1,266,000 users today.

So if that growth rate continues week-on-week I make it…3.6m by 31st Dec 2019.

That would be seriously impressive!

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My guess would be 3.1-3.2 due to competition.

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We counting business accounts and possible American accounts? :thinking:


How many do people think for 31/12/2018?

Can’t see it being other country accounts. Tom said in the recent Q and A that Monzos would need to acquire more banking licenses to do so. Which is time consuming and not on the immediate horizon

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1,317,166 (at 5pm)

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Have you seen this?

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My guess would be around 2 million or so.

Growth will slow down as most people who are interested in challenger banks are already on board, and competition is starting to get serious too.


I agree unless Monzo come up with some new features which rely on social circles to work. If they can do that growth could take off.

Am I the only one here that wants a bank and not a knockoff social network?


:rofl: I don’t think it has to be a social network to succeed, but growth is necessary for them to become sustainable and go up against very well resourced banks like Barclays. Monzo are clearly on the radar of big banks now as they have copied almost all their features (card freeze, locations, gambling block).

Re growth there are lots of interesting features that can be built for groups like shared pots, bill splitting etc, all of which work better if friends use the bank too, so there are other ways of encouraging it. They certainly shouldn’t chase growth at the cost of user experience or pester users with notifications (agree with your other thread on that), but scale is necessary if you want Monzo to thrive.


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