Monzo use of pots, showing true balance with outgoing payments

This is for standard monthly bills like cats for litter and food, petrol, car tax, car insurance, car service, holiday savings, dentist, amazon Prime, Morgage as I live with my girlfriend now, the payment is taken out on my monthly payday for my Morgage and put back in my bank on the day my Morgage company take the money 12 days later.

Money is put in pots and scheduled out when needed.

My monthly disposable Income, spending money for food, going out etc is put into a pot and then released Weekley, in line with my scheduled payment into a different bank.

This helps me reflect and see more of a true balance.

What are peoples thoughts on this I cannot see a better may of managing money personally?

You haven’t asked a question, what is it? :confused:

Sounds like you should be using budgeting though, it would mean much less money is moving around your account and should give you a better overview.

Alternatively there is a committed spending pot in the works that may be of interest?

Other than the above, I’m not sure what you’re looking for so if you ask I’ll try my best to help :slight_smile:

Agreed committed spending is good but then I would still look at my balance and see I have lots of money in main account to dip into, for me budgeting this way is better