Monzo use in Equador

I just tried to get cash from an ATM in Quito and my request was declined. Has anyone else had a problem?

Did you try turning on magstripe in the settings? Some countries make use of them rather than chip/pin. It may not help, but worth trying.

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Also did the machine have the MasterCard logo on?

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It appears that Some banks don’t accept UK debit cards. The bank that does is Banco del Pichinica, so it wasn’t really a problem with my card.

The ATM had the MasterCard sign, however some banks in Equador don’t accept UK debit cards. The one that I found that does accept UK cards is Banco del Pichinica.

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The banks that didn’t accept my Monzo cards were:
Banco Bolivariano
Banco del Pacific
Not sure if that information is of any use to anyone.