Monzo turned five

(Seeing as it did not make it from Twitter to here)

Today we’re turning 5 years old!

So we’re taking a look back at where we were half a decade ago…

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Here’s the first ever Monzo (sorry, “Mondo”) office - aka @mattheath’s flat

Our first ever code commit

Here’s a super early version of the app

Throwback to @eileentso having the most exciting ATM withdrawal of her life

We got some exciting early press coverage in @TechCrunch (thanks @sohear!)

Some more early versions of the app. Hello categories!


We sent out lots of the early cards by hand…

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Nice job!

I wonder what it will be like in 5 years from now :open_mouth:

Is it terrible that all I can think is “that’s a really nice flat”?! :see_no_evil:


What about the urge to superman over the table of cards? :man_superhero:

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Stagnant and still asking for the same things to be introduced :thinking::see_no_evil:

Hopefully not :joy::rofl:

How long without an update would you say it has become stagnant?

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That’s subjective will never get a consistent answer for that

Time passes by so quickly😞

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