Monzo Staff Weekly Q&A - Michael Colley (People Operations Analyst) 📊

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Welcome one. Welcome all. It’s the Monzo Weekly Q&A!


Not just any Q&A, it’s our 52nd Q&A! That’s an entire years worth of Weekly Q&A!


We published the Year in Monzo stats! Check em out. Stats are fun.

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Now let’s find out a bit about this week’s guest.

In the Hot Coral Hot Seat™️, we have… Michael Colley who is a People Operations Analyst from our People Team!

Some people are known by their first names and some people are known by their last names. Like Colley :wink:


Colley has been here since January 2017 and has been heavily involved in setting up our Cardiff and Vegas operations in the past, but is now working on helping us create proper People analytics here at Monzo, which is hugely important as we are growing so quickly as a company (just shy of 700 staff as I type!).

Fun Fact about Colley!

“Rather than getting an internship after uni, I backpacked and worked with Startups in exchange for a place to stay and food to eat around South and North America”

His favourite thing about working at Monzo?

“Being part of a company that cares about empowering the financial lives of our community”

OK folks, you know the score! Get your questions in and Colley will be here to answer them later this week.


Is there an animal operations analyst.


What are your thoughts on Soylent Green?

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What sort of things are important to analyse about employees; what kind of insights are you hoping to gain? Presumably this is more than looking at diversity to ensure a wide spread of experiences are feeding into development and operations?


If you got to pick the next place we opened an office and it could be literally anywhere in the world and you didn’t need to justify your decision, where would it be? :grin:

Hello (Mr) Colley! :wave: We’ve been expecting you… Please take a seat, I have a few questions for you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • What operations on people do you prefer to analyse? Or, if it’s not the surgery thing, could you explain what a People Operations Analyst is, please? :smiley:
  • What was your favourite start-up on your American travels? And the whackiest?
  • What’s your reaction when people call you Michael?!
  • Why did you want to join Monzo? What superpower did you bring to the table?
  • What feature would you like to bring to the app and why?

Thank you! :hugs:


Hey hey Colley!

Only because I know you’ve been deeply involved with this here - what has been:
A) The most interesting thing and
B) The most frustrating thing about immigration matters at Monzo? (Like what to do about Brexit, and visas for non-EU employees?)


What is a People Analytics?

Is it like Terminator where you see someone and all their stats come into your vision?

Or do you have some sort of Championship Manager style database on everyone whereby everyone is given a score out of 20 on attributes ie:

Financial Discipline: 5
Binge Drinker: 20
Loud Snorer: 15

Or am I way off the mark :stuck_out_tongue:


Like this? giphy%20(1)


It’s People!!!


Take me to Bali any day, I went there after we opened our office in Vegas and had an amazing time! The place is full of friendly people and they have an early stage tech community there too! Sounds like a good place to open an office to me :smiley:


Hey :wave: Diversity is certainly a piece of the wider People puzzle but you are right, there’s more too!

Some things that we are keeping a close eye on at the moment are:

  • How much feedback is given and received through the feedback platform we use, we do this to keep tabs on everyone’s development
  • Our anonymous employee survey data, this gives us a pulse on the overall health of the organisation and our managers
  • Our attrition data, to make sure we understand why people leave Monzo
  • Or whether our current benefits package are still working for our team

These are just a few examples of areas we look at on a frequent basis to get better sense of our organisation health.


Happy to Peter! :smiley: As a People Operations Analyst I help the team improve processes, analyse data and project manage new People initiatives we want to introduce. A couple examples of things I’ve worked on recently are our internal visa transfer process and also introducing some new benefits to our team.


There were a couple. My favourite was probably Lucuma Labs in Peru or General Assembly in Seattle, the teams there were really welcoming and I managed to work on some great projects with them both.

:thinking: In terms of wackiest, I hung out with a team at a company called Discovereel who, at the time, were trying to build this wildly ambitious social network for entrepreneurs. They were based in Bolivia.


1.I usually think I’m in trouble :see_no_evil:

2.I joined Monzo to help change banking. I remember sending a tweet to the team back when it was a prepaid card called Mondo about the original waiting list the app had. I got a response in 5 minutes and I was blown away by the customer service. I thought that this was the kind of financial services company I could get behind. Because of that I applied for a few roles and joined the business operations team back in 2017 - almost two years ago now! I guess my superpower is being a bit of an all-rounder, I had a fair bit of startup experience when I was at my previous company, WeWork, during the early days.

3.I’d love it if we could upgrade our IFTTT integration to trigger when any type of transaction is made. That would be amazing for making cool iot things happen :nerd_face:


Tough question! The most interesting thing has been learning about what it’s like to go through UK immigration and designing a process to try and give Monzonauts from outside of the UK peace of mind. There are quite a few hoops to jump through.

The most frustrating thing has probably been the uneasiness that’s been created due to Brexit.


Not quite! :rofl:

Right now it’s running reports to make sure that we have an understanding of what is going on inside our business and also staying compliant. Maybe one day in the future we’ll move closer to being able to leverage information like Championship Manager but when we do we’ll need to stay mindful of how we use that information. Afterall our team are all People and not numbers!


Another question on the back of that then if you don’t mind?

What skill set do you need work on People Analystics? What core skills do you need to do the role properly?

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You do know that this image will be in my mind every time I contact Monzo? :joy::joy:


Of course, skillswise the main competencies are:

  • Good project management skills,
  • Data analysis and familiarisation with SQL,
  • It’s also helpful if you are able to collaborate and communicate well across teams