Monzo SSO in with Meteor accounts

(jerp dertin) #1

It’s been an ordeal, but I’ve finally got my Monzo Accounts OAuth extension to work in Meteor. In the future I hope to expand this to wrap the entire Monzo API. Anyone fancy a play?

The key things that really jumped out at me in this process are the following:

  • No capacity for non-email based authentication made it impossible to implement a pop-up flow

  • Email based authentication made it a nightmare to debug (Maybe there could be a better way just for developers?)

  • Redirect oauth flow only - fewer applications implement this, especially in Meteor which made it hard to find similar code to look at

  • Monzo’s Oauth is locked down to a whitelist, making me apprehensive to actually use the API for anything.

  • The API documentation doesn’t explicitly detail GET requests as GET requests which made it a bit confusing, opting for the phrasing - “call an endpoint”. Not sure if this is a convention, but it made things more confusing whilst trying to debug