Monzo self-service

Hello guys

I’m from Saudi Arabia, we have stupid banks, but sometimes they have some good ideas
I have no information available in the UK but wanted to share the proposal

Ahli Bank is the largest bank in Saudi Arabia with a 24-hour device

Throughout the year the fingerprint is presented
Services such as cash withdrawals up to SR 50,000

  • Renew the debit card directly - New card

A beautiful idea for the future monzo

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Sorry, but it’s not clear to me what the idea is?


I don’t get it, are you saying that Monzo should spend millions on installing computers in random locations to do most things that we can do via the app?


Print your debit card immediately

Withdrawals up to US $ 15,000 equivalent to Saudi Riyals

Print another statement of five years

Printing check book

It would be a good replacement for the branch employee


If your debit card has expired, once you get another one, even on holidays

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Cost of machine maintenance Vs Courier Fee though, also Apple/Android pay would mean someone would be able to wait 2-3 days should this happen but banks tend to send cards out a few weeks before they expire anyway.


Ah. Thanks for clarifying much clearer to me now

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How would you immediately print and withdraw if you have to be verified and put money on. All this you can do in the app and 95% of the time cards arrived next day anyway. No point in spending all that money. Also this is the UK, they’ll be vandalized and broken within a few hours.

Also what do you mean renew debit card? I’ve never had to do this :joy: read Danny’s relpy ahh that kind of renew, it’s early, my bad :joy:


Didn’t know things are this bad :wink:

that is in a nicer place, some places it will be quicker.


The machine on the corner from me got ‘blown up’ they replaced it a few months later, the same evening it was done again. Now they have moved it and put one of them phone box type ones in, not been hit yet…


I live in a sleepy posh village and we have lost 2 ATMs due to ramraiders breaking thru the wall of our post office and a local shop (in separate raids)

I think it’s a great idea and I’d love to see it in my country but it probably would be trashed asap in the UK unless it was put inside an existing bank :sleepy: or a building to be locked overnight which sorta defeats the purpose. I’d love to get my money via fingerprint but I reckon you have to make sure you wipe it after- I reckon someone could lift your prints with tape or something? Or maybe I’ve watched too many movies

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Fingerprint auth for money withdrawal is definitely a bad idea as it’s quite easy to duplicate fingerprints. It’s secure enough on phones because you need the owner’s fingerprint, but in case of fingerprint-based ATMs you don’t care who’s print it is, you are just trying at random which greatly increases your chances - any successful match is all you need.

Finally, I still don’t see the purpose of such machine - we should work to put all of its features in the app instead.


I don’t know what the machine does exactly re: fingerprint but I doubt it would be the only method of authentication. I thought it would be something like the Nat West ‘Get Cash’ scheme, if you don’t have your card or something you log in with your fingerprint and PIN or something.

The debit card or national ID card can be used for authentication