Monzo Premium Travel Insurance

Reading the documentation it seems that the Monzo Premium Travel Insurance doesn’t include family cover. Please could someone confirm that that’s the case, or have I missed it. Thanks.


Thanks both. I did read it and I couldn’t find anything. But thanks Anthony for the screen shot. I hadn’t noticed that.

See definition of “you/your/beneficiary(ies)” on page 8 of the travel insurance T&Cs

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On page 7 of the T&Cs:


the Cardholder and his/her spouse or legal partner (any couple in a common law relationship living permanently at the same address), their unmarried children, aged under 19, or age 19 to 21 if in full time education, who are legally and financially dependent (according to the regulations of the country of residence) on the Cardholder, all living in the country of residence and travelling on a trip.

Thank you so much!

Does anyone know if the travel insurance covers “cruises” or if you can add that and what any costs would be?

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Cruises are neither included or excluded from the policy. One exclusion is “*Sailing (outside 20 Nautical Miles of the coastline)”, although a cruise is entirely different. Reassuringly :sweat:, ‘sea vessel’ is included in the ‘HIJACK’ section…

I’ve previously been on many cruises with ‘standard’ travel insurance - meaning you are covered for the outbound travel, the duration of the trip and the inbound travel. I always check with the cruise line/travel agent when booking and a general travel policy has been all that was required (pre-Covid that is, I’ve no idea if increased travel protection is required for cruises thanks to Covid?)

I’ve only traveled overseas once since Monzo Premium launched but that was a flight/hotel/flight trip and had no reason to use the travel insurance.

You can check the specific terms here:

So having just been away with Monzo Premium Travel Insurance for the first time, I want to highlight something I noticed in the T&C’s which really is not made clear.

Throughout all marketing material it says the cover is for you and your family. However for medical expenses it looks like it only covers the Monzo Premium account holder directly, and the wording in T&C’s seems to back this up.

Almost all sections of the document say “for you and all beneficiaries”, however the medical cover section only says “for you” and doesn’t mention beneficiaries at all. See screenshots below.

Could someone from Monzo please clarify this? I feel this could catch a lot of people out and leave families uncovered for medical expenses if this is indeed the case.

We ended up playing it safe and getting separate medical insurance for my partner before going away.



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Not made as clear as it may be, agreed.

Under the definitions AXA uses it looks like ‘you’ and ‘your beneficiaries’ mean the same thing:

As there’s no different definition of ‘you’ that covers the medical section it will apply to that section.

Unlike for example the mugging section:

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What concerns me is that, even if we assume they meant to say “you and all beneficiaries” through the medical section, if the T&C’s don’t explicitly say family are covered (and in fact imply the opposite) then they have no obligation to pay when it comes down to it. And if it’s that easy for them to get out of paying, it’s as good as not having insurance at all.

Edit: Just saw your edit. I hope that’s how it’s meant to be, but really it needs to be clearer. If family are indeed covered for medical expenses it should be worded in a way that makes that apparent. As it currently stands, I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable having family travel on my AXA insurance because it feels like there’s the potential for misinterpretation of the T&C’s


It’s definitely not worth the money. I had flights cancelled and my wife and I lost 2 days of our holiday,I put a claim in and received £250 compensation not for both of us but just for the booking alone. I cancelled my premium account immediately and I have taken out annual insurance with Staysure for only £39

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Please post it here instead, kind Sir:


I’ve been comparing this to other offerings myself this week as I need to renew my annual travel. The main issue for me with this is that any family members who are covered must be travelling with the cardholder. So if my wife goes away with her friends then she isn’t covered by this “family” policy.

Travel insurance has become increasingly expensive so I don’t think it is too bad for worldwide cover as part of a £15 a month a bundle, just be aware of its limitations compared to family annual cover from other insurers. I’ve ended up paying more than 12 x £15 for annual cover for my family, and that’s just for Europe, but it fits my needs more appropriately.

The premium insurance is changing provider soon:

Moving from AXA to Zurich and has a nicer claims process in-app.

Pity though pre-existing health isnt covered which rules it out for me.


Existing :monzo: Premium subscribers stay with AXA until 02-Aug-2023, then get switched to Zurich/Qover.

Still not the best coverage limits, I know that these things are often better direct at source but seems a shame that as they were going to update the insurer the limits themselves didn’t turn out to be better.

Sounds like a positive move in that it will be easier for people to manage the policy via app but feels like they could’ve done more here

Deleted last comment as incorrect.

Revolut use Qover for purchase protection etc, not travel insurance :upside_down_face:

Hey all, we’ve got an update about Monzo Premium’s travel insurance here :eyes:

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