Monzo Premium: Six Months In Poll

I’m going to move from Premium back to Plus. I thought the mobile insurance would be worth £10 a month, and when we had staff in the launch thread say we could get iPhones repaired by Apple, I jumped in.

Now it turns out that isn’t the case, and we have to use a non-genuine repair company (killing the warranty & resale value of the phone), I’m done with that. Not worth £10/m to keep a half metal, half plastic card that looks like shit after a few months. I was sent a replacement as my first card was defrauded, and the second already looks terrible too.

Things Monzo Premium can improve to get me back:

  • Remove the contactless from the metal card, and make it 100% metal.
  • Phone insurance where I can get a repair from the manufacturer and be reimbursed

Doh :man_facepalming::joy:


Welcome to the I don’t know how to read properly club! It’s nice to no longer be alone!

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I’m leaving Plus for sure, approx 2 months in its bringing me zero benefits at all.

I’ve come to terms with actually I don’t care enough about budgeting to look at it in a fancy spreadsheet. Custom categories doesn’t matter to me now I’ve decided I don’t care enough about budgeting features.

I’m also actually not that fussed at seeing my other accounts in the app, it literally takes me seconds to open up another app to check stuff over.

So the only plus of leaving Plus is I’ll be a fiver richer each month :rofl:

A bit less than a fiver once the interest is taken into consideration.

I cancelled and went back to ynab, feel more in control of my finances. Would go premium or plus if it could be a budgeting tool rather than what has been spent.

I just spoke to Monzo on live chat to discuss downgrading to Plus.

This isn’t something they’ve built into the system yet - whilst I’m not surprised by this it is a little annoying. I’m sure there’ll be at least a handful of people looking to do the same as me so I’ll lose my virtual cards in the process and have to set them back up when I ‘upgrade’ to Plus

Oh that feels like a significant oversight, especially when you can cancel completely in the app.

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I’m not sure if I’d fall into…

“Meh. I’ll just keep Premium” or “Forget it, I won’t even bother with Plus”

if that were me. I only have one virtual card I think but still annoying. Don’t give customers extra friction if you don’t have to.


Exactly this. The Monzo team has done an excellent job at making it easy to cancel (many thanks :pray: ) so it feels counterintuitive to make it easier to cancel completely than to continue giving Monzo some money!

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Completely agree. It’s going to be really frustrating having to change loads of places to point to new virtual cards.

Given you can upgrade from Plus to Premium and keep the virtual cards, I don’t see why you couldn’t downgrade just as easily.

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For me virtual cards are without doubt the best feature of Monzo plus however they are currently really lacking in critical functionality.

  • freezing
  • renaming/sorting
  • viewing in main feed
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Could you expand a bit on this? You see the transactions in the main feed (with the little virtual card icon on top of the merchant’s logo). Are you asking for virtual cards to be separate ‘cards’ in the main swipey thing (technical terms all).

Yes, I find them options for them difficult to find and think they should appear more like a pot or a linked account. You could then freeze them and see all the transactions that have been made on them.