Monzo Plus - Weekly Update 31st October 2019 🎃

I admire your detective work! But sadly all the text underneath is randomly generated nonsense:


Not sure where to put my two cents on this…

I’m currently subscribed to Monzo plus for the travel insurance add-on. The only thing I’d like to see in addition to my current subscription is probably breakdown cover (preferrably including Europe like Nationwide) so hoping that makes the cut.

Looks like progress is being made so hopefully we get to see something soon!

Whao, so you’re saying I won’t be getting Mohsen aalehi oka tomaoki with Plus?



I like the comparison design ideas so far.

I really hope the new card designs are tested, I’ve had issues with the white ink coming off.

Billing - Typically its a monthly billing. I know other banks allow you to cancel Month by Month. If you committed to 12 months maybe a slight discount or bundled offer. 1 x free coffee per month (any vendor), workflow could be you tag a transaction as a free coffee under £3?

Special Offers / value add on top of Insurances;
Discounts to cinema passes
English Heritage/National Trust Membership
LoungeAccess for 2, 4 visits a year

Please offer phone/gadget insurance (but with a different provider to Barclays, they’re rubbish)

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Ha! I thought as much, good job I caveated my response so I don’t look too stupid :joy:

Shame really, I like the idea of a Sammy Lawson.

On actual feedback:

I just downloaded the table to my phone to see it “in real life” and honestly it’s quite small. I know Obvious Blurring is a factor, but the text feels like it will make for quite a hard comparison, especially on any phone with a smaller form factor than an iPhone X.

Please do consider users with accessibility requirements here too - I think this is too small as normal text, not even considering accessibility needs.

I think these special offers are really hard to feed into Plus type packages that make enough sense to offset the cost of maintaining them.

From the ones that were in Plus v1 - I couldn’t use half due to previously being a customer. I’d rather Monzo not spend resource in this area, when they could spend it on different parts of the package.

Personally, I’d be more likely to go for a package without special offers than with, because I probably won’t use them.

The few things I may be interested in are Spotify/Netflix/Apple Music (free month or discount), 2 for 1 Cinema Tickets. That’s kind of it.

Personally, I wouldn’t sign up if Monthly isn’t an option. For what it’s worth.

Cancellations wise, either have your contract so you can leave with 1 month notice (or similar), or if there is a metal card, have a card cost + monthly fee. I’d be more compelled to join a service where I’m not tied in for 12 months at a time.

:grimacing: hmmmm…


Thank you for the update, can’t wait to see the new Monzo Plus. :slight_smile:

Offers I would love to see:

  • Discount on Apple Music or Spotify
  • Discount on Netflix or other streaming services
  • Interest on balance
  • Difference types of insurances
  • Cashback on bills or a number of merchants (hopefully it will push people to go #FullMonzo)
  • Higher withdrawal limit abroad

@tomdavies Regarding insurances and 3rd party products, did you guys figure it out if they are going into Plus or Marketplace if that is still a thing. :slight_smile:


Monzo Plus to me looks like -

  • Fee-free overdraft
  • Premium bank card
  • Higher withdrawal limit abroad
  • Gadget and travel insurance
  • Cashback on select retailers
  • Discounts and deals on other financial products

Monthly “treats” for subscribers that rotate…
Month 1 - Free Coffee
Month 2 - 25% off retailer A or B
Month 3 - Free Cinema Ticket


Is that what you’d like it to be, or what you think we’re doing? :pray:t2:


It’s difficult to remember you have access to these special offers if they’re just for purchasing things and it can be tedious trying to find them.

I think if there were discounts on Netflix/Apple Music/Spotify etc. and maybe cinema ticket deals I’d be interested. I like the idea of fee-free withdrawals abroad like Nationwide and N26 offer with their premium tiers.

For payments I like the idea of both. If I’m feeling particularly flush I can get it out of the way. The freedom to choose is nice.

Ultimately I’d like the below:

  • Limitless cash withdrawals abroad
  • Worldwide travel insurance (ski cover incl.)
  • European breakdown cover
  • Free cinema tickets every now and then
  • Cashback on my bills or at particular retailers

I would happily pay for something like an increased cash machine allowance for a month or two, but it’s not something I’d want to be tied into for a year

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What features are important to me, but I’m sure I’ll be surprised!

It looks like the are a lot of features in common that people are requesting. :slight_smile:


Please partner with businesses that everyone across the UK can benefit from, not some quirky artisan London shop. Either stores across the country or redeemable on their website.

For example: Greggs and Prett like you had in your Monzo Points trial.

Same applies for events :exclamation:

TL;DR Think of those outside of London please :blush:


I agree with you in the principle… But please don’t partner with Greggs. My bad diet does not need further encouragement…

Haha that is true. I did consume a lot of pastry with that trial because the choices were quite limited for earning and spending :rofl:

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+1 for annual (or both)

The blurred versions of the cards appear to be grey/white - not sure about this… the hot coral makes Monzo quite distinctive. So unless this is metal and something truly distinct, not sure if this is a good idea…but will reserve comments till I see the designs.

On offers:
Please have deep integration of the offers - unlike the previous Monzo plus iteration which were just discount codes…

Special offer ideas:

  • Cashback on direct debits -> incentivises customers to go #Fullmonzo
  • Link with existing digital loyalty services (e.g. Flux, Yoyo, Swipii) to provide additional points / stamps if using Monzo plus cards - > most of these apps allow you to link any card within their apps
  • Free movie tickets (Cineworld/Vue)
  • Discounts on Amazon prime, Netflix, Apple music

I know, I want a metal card but when I think about abandoning the hot coral I am not sure anymore. Why can’t we have a metal hot coral? :sob: