Monzo Plus logo greyed out

Issue: Monzo plus logo is greyed out when transaction processed

Details to reproduce: check upcoming payment or tap transaction once processed
OS: iOS 16.5
Device: iPhone 14 Pro Max
**App Version:**5.29.0


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This is also happening for me on iOS.

It’s not greyed out, that’s the premium icon.


This is the premium logo - which is showing instead of the plus one. It’s a bug (showing the wrong one), or a feature.


Oh ok. Fair enough!

Even if it is for premium, it still looks unfinished to me.



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Just a bump as this still isn’t fixed as of the shiny Home Screen roll out.

It’s not greyed out, that is just the logo!

It would be nice if it matched the app logo you could use

Not for Monzo Plus!

I’m pretty sure the Monzo Plus payment has 3 different logos depending on which screen you’re on (The old one, the new one, and the premium one). It’s a weird bug and I don’t like it. Especially when the plus logo is so much better.