Monzo plus exclusive forums

I wish there was an exclusive Monzo Plus members-only forum section. To ensure it is like minded customers only.

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No thanks

I doubt we are all so like minded anyway


I think it’s bad enough that Monzo just launched an exclusive (as opposed to inclusive), service. We don’t need an exclusive section of the forum too.


Exclusive? I spend more than £5 per month on wine for home. Not even fancy wine, regular wine. For drinking with home-made pasta that is classified as a hate crime.

Exclusive. Pfft.


To offer an alternative view, I don’t spend anything a month on wine for home. :upside_down_face:

The problem with creating exclusive areas is that it creates areas that it could narrow Monzo’s development of Monzo and Plus to its detriment as they ‘might’ just hear praise. These forums are already a narrow viewpoint of the Monzo userbase, lets keep that narrow viewpoint as broad as possible.


It’s 16.5p a day and you can choose whether to have it or not. Calling it exclusive is a bit of a stretch.

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Not for me this suggestion. The category is sufficient to allow users not to engage in Plus conversation if they wish. There’s no reason that people who don’t find value in Plus at the moment shouldn’t be able to see how it’s being used by others, see what progress is being made or suggest features that might make them onboard in the future.

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The Monzo Centurion Card Plus

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I know when I see the VIP area in a club I tend to think that there must be a load of like-minded people in there, and that it’s not full of the worst braying, arrogant shitheads in the world.


I never understand this forum: call people “braying shitheads” and get a whole bunch of likes… I increasingly think the “be nice” thing only applies to people you agree with.


You missed out “arrogant”.

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Wait you mean you didn’t get the Monzo Plus Forum invite?

The colour scheme is a bit disruptive (holograms everywhere) but it’s good to be part of the club. It;s basically this:


Welcome to Plus club brraaaaayyy

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I do feel like virtual cards is a pretty niche thing and probably unlikely to be a priority for development.

People that use Monzo forums might understand what they are and can do, but trying to explain the benefits to my siblings for example, even if they were fully developed, would result in confused glances and ‘sounds like a lot of faff’ responses.

The OpenAPi / budgeting stuff feels a lot more mainstream.

Based on the people that I know won’t be upgrading, I’d pay to for Plus just to have somewhere to post free from them.


I’d vote for a exclusive hang out for plus or just all plus posts to one area of the forum only so that I can mute the damn thing and not see plus this, plus that 🤦 :rofl: :rofl:

Its a lot easier than updating all your billing because your card has been cloned.

You can mute the Monzo Chat > Plus category:

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Yeah I know but not all plus conversation is in this category it’s all over like a bad rash :rofl:


So, ok with “exclusive” forum space but not actual value adds like the bolt-on’s of the previous iteration. As well, it’s ok the “exclusive” offer’s are the same as lighter fuel I find in my mailbox (analogue and digital)?

Sure, ok then. :thinking::roll_eyes::man_shrugging:t2::see_no_evil:

NB, I have signed up, again! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: