Monzo Plus: Custom Categories

I’m not sure what you mean here. If it’s a new merchant then no, because there’s nothing to persist from (even if it’s somewhere you’ve bought from before but who has changed their acquirer, for example).

I’m assuming here that the ad hoc purchases are using a different system so after categorising the first one, the subsequent ones should come through okay. Or maybe YFood is doing something funky and changing the merchant data every time for reasons, meaning that Monzo can’t match it. If the raw data at the bottom of the screen is consistent, though, that’s definitely a Monzo problem, otherwise I think it’s firmly in Y’s ballpark.


If I go to Tesco and one day it’s “lunch” and the next it’s “bread” then it will default to the last.

But otherwise mine do as they should. I’m on iOS.


This is the behaviour I see too.

Loving that you’re using categories to line item your shopping!


I’ll try to demonstrate what I mean with screenshots later.

Essentially the merchant name at the bottom of transactions for ad hoc purchases are slightly different, whereas the subscription one is always the same.

Not sure what’s funky with Nintendo ones. Could be the same underlying issue, but I’ve not checked, I just know future transactions are always categorised as entertainment and not games.

Do u wanna shift this stuff out to a custom categories thread?

Co op behaves like this too, once I’ve got all three locked down (delivery & collect Apple Pay and non apple; different merchant details) and in store, again different.

The one I went to in England a few months ago defaulted back to groceries though.

I mean I get this, it’s expected, but it underpins part of my issue with the feature.

Note to self: stop using dictate to type out replies. Embarrassing typos :man_facepalming:

I’m not that organised, I just had bread in my hand :rofl:


Find me a thread and I’ll have a look :thread: :eyes:

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You’ve ruined my idea that you’ve somehow busted through the category limit and painstakingly go through every receipt to categorise your groceries by product type!

of course, there will be a spreadsheet and dashboard for that instead :joy:


I wish! That’s what I wanted Flux to become :frowning_face:


I’d have suggested this one, but it was close due to inactivity!

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I came to the forum to post that I’d like #2 specifically. I also have my custom categories in subcategory by colour, it would be much easier to find them if I could sort them by colour group, or even maybe just sort them manually. It’s over a year in and I still have to take some time to find certain categories every time, because despite being alphabetical, it’s not easy to remember the exact names I gave everything, especially when I don’t use it daily. Being able to have them in the order I choose would be super helpful. Especially if I could bring in the non-custom categories that I still use too!

And perhaps a bit of a wider range of colours. I get the aesthetic with the whole ombre look, but it does make it harder to distinguish between the different ones, because they are visually closer together. So whilst it looks like there’s say, pale blue-to-dark blue, dark blue-to-purple and purple-to-pink to pick from, because of the overlap, they are visually similar which makes it harder to distinguish at a glance. I’d personally prefer single colours to be an option as well. Not having the normal category colours also means it’s never gonna match (for example, I use Eating Out still, but have a custom category for Takeaways - I don’t want to make my own ‘duplicate’ eating out, but as it stands I can’t have those two match colours as part of a ‘food’ category).

I love the feature but it’d be nice to see some tweaks made based on feedback/how people use, since it’s been out for a while now and nothing is gonna be perfectly suited to the reality of daily use in its first iteration.


I don’t really know where this fits but I was toying around with going for premium again so I upgraded but realised I probably don’t need it.

What then followed were some really nice flow improvements. It recognised I had plus, asked if I wanted it back and when I did allowed me to re-enable virtual cards and custom categories.

Nice job Monzo