Monzo Plus - Bi-Weekly Update 28th November 2019

:wave: Hello everyone. Here’s your update!

Investor labels

We saw a lot of comments around making sure we include Investor labels on the new debit cards. So we’ll be doing just that.


Thanks for all your comments on our paywalling principles. We definitely understand the concern around how we define a ‘power user’. We’re still working on these definitions but we wanted to share some of our early thinking while we develop this.

We believe that regardless of the feature-set, we can take the core values of what people love about Monzo and ensure they’re threaded through all of our products, whether that’s personal, business, paid, or free. How customers experience those values at different levels may change, but the values won’t. For example, we know customers feel a sense of peace of mind using Monzo. For a free current account customer that looks like great customer support and visibility into your spend. For a paid customer that might mean things like travel insurance.

We’ll make sure to keep the dialogue going between us as we work on this.

Card packaging

It’s no secret that we’ll be launching some new debit cards as part of our new paid accounts. And now, we’ve finalised the packaging that they will arrive in. We had a few key considerations when designing them:

We wanted them to be minimal with the environment in mind. There are some really cool ways you can deliver and package a debit card, but we didn’t think it was entirely fair on the environment to build up this great experience just for a brief moment.

We wanted to optimise for card activation, meaning we wanted customers to activate their card and get on with their day, not be too distracted by the packaging or other information in there.

We wanted to the packaged feel like the products they’ll be signing up for. So we’ve gone with two different packages that have very subtle differences to mirror their paid accounts in the app.

Help us name our accounts!

We’ve spent some time this week trying to come up with some conventions for how we name our accounts. We do what is called a ‘name storm’ where we try to get as creative as possible before whittling it down to a small list. We’d love your thoughts on what you think they might be, or suggest some of your own creative ideas.

Here are the rules:

  • We need to name our three accounts: the current free Monzo account and the two new paid ones. Don’t just throw out a word, we want three from you in a convention that you think works.
  • The names can’t be things like “One, Two, Three”: in the future we may add in other paid accounts.
  • They need to follow this naming convention: Monzo [word] Current Account

Fire away with your best options!


That isn’t paywalling a feature, that is purchasing a product. You deliberately avoided the issue. A career in politics beckons!


what do the cards look like

I can’t wait for my Monzo card to arrive attached to the collar of a puppy :dog:


Card colours would be an obvious choice. Monzo Black CA, Monzo Platinum CA etc.


Introducing… the Monzo Plusy McPlus Face Current Account.

Smash that heart button to vote please.


Monzo Premo and Monzo Less-Premo


Have to be honest, I was expecting more from this update.


Really? There are enough posts here complaining about the lack of actual customer support…

We’ve spent some time this week trying to come up with some conventions for how we name our accounts.

Before asking us for naming ideas, it might be an idea to share what these accounts will offer.


Thank you for the update as always :slight_smile:

Personally I don’t think the concern is around the insurance type element, but the non-tangible software features that go into either.

It would be great to get genuine dialogue on this area as it develops - as it feels like there’s quite a gap between what Monzo have/are developing, and what we understand this to mean.

I fear that this could be the major area that lends to Monzo Plus v3 success - how this premiumisation of features works, in practice.


Exactly this. We need to know what each account offers before you can come up with a name. For example if one was heavily focused on travel (insurance, higher fee free withdrawals etc) then you would want to use a word related to travel.


Thanks for the update!

I’m not sure you’re going to get a set of names that feel cohesive with the accounts until we know/have a bit more of a picture of what each one entails.

I like the idea behind the name storm, but it feels too early with too little public information for us to comment


This isn’t paywalling

I don’t think anyone here is concerned that you might be charging for supplying an additional product with Plus, the concerns are around what features monzo themselves will developing in app.

This has been going on for a few weeks/plus updates now and while I’m grateful for the (albeit limited) interaction from the Plus team you are either oblivious to the concerns raised here or you are deliberately ignoring them. Neither fill me with any confidence.


I’m starting to tilt in the direction that they actually just don’t know yet in regards to what features might sit in a paid only account. They’re probably still brainstorming and deciding themselves at this point, It seems like we are still a way off from a release.

Optimistically, I’d like to think that if they had a good idea of what might be featured at this point then they would share with us.

I think they probably do realise it’s a very fine line they are going to be treading, so best to be confident in your decisions before letting the wolf pack pounce on you


Monzo Egg Mayo Current Account (basic)
Monzo BLT Current Account (a bit better)
Monzo Halloumi on Wheatgerm Current Account (top notch)


Monzo Vanilla Current Account (basic)
Monzo Strawberry Swirl Current Account (a bit better)
Monzo Mint Choc Chip with Sprinkles Current Account (top notch)

Anyone else still hungry from lunch?


I would like some more information on these different tiered accounts - can’t really throw out names if we have no info on them?


Monzo More
Monzo Most

If going standard package accounts could add + Metal to both as well

Monzo Mix for Pick in Mix if that comes off.

Interesting for the next update and hopefully getting some more information soon.

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Read that as Monzo Moist! :laughing:


Me too!

Monzo Full Fat Current Account
Monzo Semi Skimmed Current Account
Monzo Skimmed Current Account

although Soy, Oat and Almond might be more inclusive