Monzo Plus and Premium update 2023-24

WIth cashback and discounts, my current PIA deal involved them paying ME £40 :joy:

In a survey

For me, Chase is better than Starling. You can’t pay in cash or cheques or withdraw money from Post Offices. If that’s important for you, you’re better off with Starling.

In the text of the questionnaire they sent, as referenced. Probably spurious phrasing, but you never know perhaps it’s an idea they’re toying with.

I have 3 bank accounts Metrobank joint account is my main account plus Monzo which I have lots of saving pots and Starling which is fairly dormant.

If cash or cheques are important to you at all, you’re better off with a Highstreet bank. Not Starling.

Starling bank have this weird middle child syndrome for me. It makes them never the best choice for any particular sort of user, and forgettable.

If Monzo were to disappear overnight, I’d miss them, and the lack of their presence in the industry would be felt. I’d say that about Chase and most major high streets too. But I don’t think that’s a sentiment which would extend to Starling.


Cash and cheques not important at all. Monzo I really like but not as my main bank account. I do like the look of chase so will give it a go.


Blame Monzo for driving their customers to start looking for alternatives. That’s what’s steered the direction of the discourse towards Chase here and in the other plus/premium announcement thread.

There’s nothing of substance in the non-announcement announcement here, so it was a pointless discussion topic in the first place. Folks are still disgruntled and this does nothing to change the narrative. So folks continue to spend the discussion looking at other options. Chase just so happens to be the standout alternative for getting back what Monzo have taken away.


As I read it, this thread is for Monzo Plus and Premium updates.

Nothing to do with comparisons to Chase or anyone else.

Derails aside, for anything Chase, jog on to - Chase Bank UK chat


The closing thoughts very much invite that discourse.

Exploring other options are most definitely a thought to have if you don’t like the recent changes.

It’s also probably the most valuable sort of feedback Monzo could hope to glean. It highlights exactly who and where those users are looking, and exactly what it is that’s delivering what they want. This tells Monzo exactly what sort of experience they need to compete with or beat in order to right the product for those folks, without placing the burden of expecting those folks to explain constructively what Monzo needs to change. A task that’s easier said than done, especially when frustration is part of the mix.

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I’m curious why people who choose to leave Monzo due to frustrations with the offerings (which is fair enough due to personal experience and circumstances) choose to continue to post on Monzo’s public-facing portal?

I guess it is choice, which isn’t a bad thing. At least Monzo currently offers that choice.


Honesty there are people here who brigade other banks whenever anyone says a bad word about Monzo anywhere on here like they are on a mad referral scheme.

“Monzo’s app has a bug, just thought I would report it” “oh you should just switch to X bank”…


Perhaps because they started as Monzo customers first? Like the community here? Or ultimately are still rooting for Monzo and want them to be better?

Monzo is the only bank that has such a portal for that sort of discourse. The community here has far outgrown just Monzo.

I started on here as a user of N26, not Monzo (though I did have an account at the time of my joining, but it’s the N26 discourse I came for).


If you mean Reddit, then no.

Gotcha. So folks aren’t welcome here unless they’re Monzo users who like Monzo.

Wanna close my account @alandoe? I think I’m pretty much done here.

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Maybe shall we stick on topic?


@SouthseaOne around to close this topic until tomorrow? :eyes:


I doubt that would be considered within the lingering remit of the Coral Crew, so I shall just add my agreement and reminder that the code of conduct indicates that topics should stay on topic and move on from points

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It would be good to see some different benefits for Plus/Premium.

Personally, I’d like to see the option to have a streaming service paid under a packaged bank account like Spotify, Disney+ etc. - Ideally, not one that’s covered under my Sky subscription (the obvious one being Netflix, who are also included in BT TV).

There’s a few extra offerings on Curve Metal, such as extended warranty cover, for the same price as Premium (cheaper if paid for in full for the year) plus Curve’s features, so it would be good to see better offerings from Monzo :crossed_fingers:

To be honest the offers needs another rejig. I would love if Plus etc came with extra cashback % when that rolls out.

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