Monzo Ping Pong King?

I’m a big Table Tennis fan (Ping Pong!), and stumbled across this really easy to play, but challenging game this week.

I reckon there are some closet Ping Pong King’s on the Monzo forum… Do we have a Champion?

Once you get past the main levels, you get to play the “developers” in a similar match style - But there are also 3 fun “impossible tests” (eyesight - where the table gets smaller, concentration, and “reverse”).

I’m feeling confident on some of my scores, but need a challenge!

Who amongst us will take the crown?

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Downloading now :grin::crown:

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I got bored after #43

I’m just starting my shift :disappointed: will have a look later :eyes:


43 of what?

I basically started playing go to 43/50 and stopped playing

The menus change as you advance, so I’m not sure what that refers to?

You play different people (countries etc) first, and then you unlock the other stuff.

The initial games are “First to 3 points wins”, and then it moves up to “first to 5 points wins” after a short while.

The initial games are quite easy to be honest!

Monzo Status: We are sorry for the long wait times in customer service.

Cause: Ping Pong King…


What I am doing after my shift…

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I’ve played the “reverse” game for too long, and now I don’t know my left and right…

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That’s two hours of my life I’m not getting back. :grimacing:

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Haha! How did you get on?

Beat the first 50 then started on the developers before realising that the game wasn’t going to get interesting :joy:

I’m too bad at this game :disappointed: plus, it frustrates me a bit that there’s no tactic/skill to it and that the game basically decides if you’re going to win


It’s the 3 mini games that I find most interesting.

Although admittedly, I only play them if one of my friends beats my score!

It’s a shame they aren’t there from the start.

Didn’t see those :hushed: When do they appear?

After you beat the first lot of people, you get the “impossible tests” option on the home screen.

If you can play the developers, you should be able to see it?

Deleted it now :grimacing: Oh well.