Monzo PayPal charges

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I do not have a Monzo bank account and currently don’t want to upgrade to one and am happy to keep using My Monzo card as a prepaid card, which contributed to the following annoyance:-

The sernario
I registered my card with PayPal.
I transferred some money from it to my wife’s PayPal account
I had to pay £3.50 transaction fee.

The solution
Contacted PayPal who refunded me the fee.
Sent a screenshot of my statement on request from PayPal
PayPal has turned My Monzo card to a debit card with zero fees.
Happy :blush:

Although everyone’s case may differ I hope this post will offer some comfort in knowing that you can pay for things without paying fees through PayPal.


You realise that early in 2018 your prepaid card will die?


in case you are not aware. Your prepaid card WILL stop working. The prepaid card scheme is being shut down. The Monzo current account will be the only option from the New Year

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I wasn’t aware, thank you for kindly pointing that out… when the time comes I’ll look into other options…


What is it that makes you not want to switch to a CA card and continue using it in the same way as you use your existing card?

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But we can use our debit cards with PayPal with zero fees…

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That is standard for PayPal and prepaid cards (at least until January when the practice will become illegal)

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i will be applying for a mortgage soon so worried it might add complications with the process that’s all…

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I expect this won’t go away for Goods & Services purchase payments if sending P2P as you are paying for protection.
We’d be stupid if we thought these charges will disappear. They willl just rename them or hide the codts elsewhere.

(Mark Edmonds) #10

I thought the same. Has zero effect as they can’t see amounts in there.


You could ask for more information from the in-app chat, here on the forum from anyone who has been through the same process, or via, but a quick search shows me:

I can say that in my yearly account change (switching from secondary accounts that have no active benefits, opening ones that do) it’s never dipped my credit score - but I wouldn’t say I’m an authority as I have never been through a mortgage process.

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