Monzo "outsourcing ... customer operations"

We al got graced with Microsoft surface laptops, very smart and sleek but overworked and infrequently require reboots. Doesn’t help that our place requires about 10 applications to work one customer :joy:


Seems very typical monzo to me :man_shrugging:

Based on what?

Based on my perception of Monzo being penny pinchers who consider customer service in particular a necessary evil, and very opaque when it comes to stuff that doesn’t fit the image they like to portray about themselves.


I don’t think any of this is unique to Monzo. On customer service, I find that there comes a phase of rapid growth which leaves companies struggling to scale their customer support at the same rate as customer numbers grow. Monzo is sort of at the tail end of this (I hope) and we’ll have reasonable customer service eventually. Not just response time wise, but in terms of quality too

And Monzo has every right to only reveal things that fit in with their image (provided that all regulatory requirements are fulfilled). It’s just how any business works. You don’t want to be an open book to everyone. This is a business world with every company aiming to become profitable and raise valuations, not @glad.tea’s best friend race. Those days are long gone.


Oh, I fully agree with what you are saying. I’m just taking the conclusion from what you have said to say that monzo outsourcing customer support overseas without making a huge song and dance about it is very much in keeping with this behaviour, and therefore in keeping with Monzo.


I agree. Although there was a time Tom talked a lot about ‘radical transparency’. I guess they figured out pretty quickly why that’s not a great idea :grin:

They are still more transparent than most which is great, but sometimes you have to make things not public.

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I remember, before Monzo’s customer service tanked, that a lot of people here laughed and pointed at Revolut’s poor customer service and how Monzo’s was far superior (which it was at that time). In my opinion, Revolut hit the wall first because they had larger number of users, then Monzo ploughed right into it too.


I remember ‘transparency by default’ being talked about. The idea being that rather than keep everything secret by default, that things should only be kept secret if there was a compelling reason to do so.

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LBG (biggest bank in the UK) outsource to the Philippines.

Definitely not unusual for a British bank to outsource CS.

Don’t understand why people think it’s a shocker.