Monzo Open Office Video - July 2019

Hey all! Some of you reached out regarding our most recent Open Office not being livestreamed as they usually are. Good news is that it was recorded, and we’ve now uploaded it for your viewing pleasure! :tada:

The details of this event were as follows:

Moving fast and in control: working between product development and legal

At Monzo, it’s essential to us to balance moving fast to build the best banking service possible with following regulations.

As we grow, the number of products, features, and promotions we release on a weekly basis accelerates. At this month’s Open Office, Kelly from our product legal team, Max from our Writers team, and Emma from our Regulatory Affairs team will talk about the work they do to keep up with product and keep them on track with regulations.


Many thanks. Really appreciate your involvement with the community.

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Shout out to the Compliance and Legal team :partying_face:

Also I read T&C’s :raised_hand:

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Also I would really like to hear more about money laundering within Monzo :monzo:

I don’t plan to do it :laughing: I just work in compliance and have reviewed other banks procedures in previous roles (mainly commercial/business banking).

Have you seen this?

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I had not… Thank you :+1:

Yes I went to that one - awesome talk!

Really good presentation! She explained it very well.

It was really interesting hearing about the video identification side of things.