Monzo on Twitter Circles

@simonb has gifted @cookywook with a new toy!

If this is anything other than @Revels’ memes of @jackcully then I’m out. Not that I’m, well, in right now anyway, but you get the point…


This is great :joy:

It’s interesting because internally Circles is definitely viewed as a “health” product. Brands using it in creative ways is effectively a bonus!

But, I always point out that the way a product lands in the market is not always the same as how you view it internally or intended it to be used, and that’s totally OK (provided it’s not being used nefariously)

Unrelated side note to point out since we believe in celebrating wins, your boy is now a Senior CM on a brand new “Product & Community” team directly within the Product org (previously was in the Marketing org) :fire:


Google+ just called and wants its ‘Circles’ back


Whoa, big congrats.

(And loving your star sign being on your internal Twitter profile (?))


Saw this and it made me laugh - because social media in a nutshell, innit - though no personal view myself as haven’t seen any circles yet:

Mildly curious about Monzo’s circle, but am such an infrequent Twitter user, is rare my chances of being let in as slim to none.

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God’s sake.


I did reply, saying “I hope I can flex this to my friends” not heard back yet, doubt I will :smiley:

Impressive @simonb

This has to be a ‘spin’-off of the Sphere UX?


From that article:

Twitter Circle is a lot like Instagram’s “close friends” feature, which lets you share your posts with a smaller group of people.

All I can hear is “it’s… Rebekah Vardy”


Got to say, I loved Google+ and its circles.
Loved Sphere’s UX too, but had no use for it, because (harsh), no-one else did either.

But the effort and forward thinking of the UX of Sphere applied to Twitter certainly helps to make Twitter a go-to for a lot of peeps way younger than me. A certain mini-me luvs Twitter. When I explained this, said mini-me said ‘OMG this can get rid of whatsapp for grouping’

In my era, grouping was… erm… a bit different. #digital-age


Ex-Sphere folks are definitely spread all across the company. It’s been useful, as pretty often that means there’s at least one person I know in all kinds of product teams!