New "travel" topics for beta Current Account users?


Given that the new cards use Monzo’s in-house card processor instead of Wirecard for the prepaid cards, I would expect a lot of issues regarding the old cards being resolved (for a start, the card will no longer be considered “prepaid” so a lot of places will not reject it based on that) and unfortunately some new issues might come up.

Would it make sense to create a new “travel” category for the new cards, or at the very least have separate threads for prepaid vs current accounts. I know the prepaid cards will eventually be phased away but I’d rather not see lucky users with current accounts accidentally reading the prepaid threads and expect their card to work fine where it might not…?

What does the community think? :blush:

(Marta) #2

I don’t think we’ll be for very long in this phase. To avoid general confusion (especially someone not being on CA preview reading topic written by CA user) we should correct Wikis once CA is rolled out globally. :thinking:

(Alex Sherwood) #3

Thanks for raising this.

I see what you mean here - this is likely to cause some confusion.

New issues can be covered in replies, as they are at the moment.

As Marta’s mentioned, the Wikis should be users first point of reference & they can be updated easily.

Although I’d prefer not to have any confusion, there are a lot of useful tips in these threads that I wouldn’t want to lose so personally, I think the benefit of keeping the existing topics probably outweighs the cost.

If we start seeing a lot of confusion in the community or the COps team does, that’s when I think we should consider this.

If I’m missing anything there, please do let me know :slight_smile:


I just got my Monzo Current Account Debit card. I made deposit via bank transfer, and it went through straight away. I am a happy customer so far. Thanks Monzo!